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Reviews are Great for KC and TS in Edmonton...but it was coooool

It was rainy/cloudy but as the show got close the weather got better and the sun came out....53 degrees F when Chesney hit the stage....coool weather for his music....The city newspapers loved the show ...
From the Sun:
Call it Big Valley Jamboree Jr. or the Grand Ole Opry for the Facebook crowd, but last night's Kenny Chesney/Taylor Swift concert was the city's country music event of the year.

from a friend: 2:05am
We just got in from the Kenny Chesney/ Taylor Swift concert.

It looked at first that the weather was going to be completely uncooperative but just before the concert the clouds started breaking up and the sun came out, it was still quite chilly but everyone dressed for it and all went very well.
Both Taylor and Kenny put on amazing shows and you could tell they thoroughly enjoy entertaining, you simply can't fake those smiles and the energy they put out on stage. Kenny was who we really went to see although Taylor didn't disappoint the audience that came to see her. Kenny played hit after hit, sat with the audience on stage, got close and personal and the stage setup gave the entire stadium a great show. Glad to see Kenny ignored all the women's clothing that was tossed on stage all night and near the end of the show pulled a child on stage to dance with him and gave her a big hug.
Great end to the show when Taylor came out and sang with Kenny, I believe it was Bruce Springsteins, Born to Run.


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