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Blogger in SF: "Wasn't much magic"

First..the Chesney show is always good....simple as that...NOW if you compare stadium show of one year to the next with guest stars you can make a comparison...IF you went to see Sugarland as much as Kenny THEN you can make a statement.... Sugarland has a lot of fans and they have been the deal breakers for some ticket buyers on this tour.... but as happens....Jennifer has done somethign to her voice again....Shes been on voice rest and cancelled a few..more than any of the headliners thats for sure.... here's a story from San Jose paper:

Folks arriving Saturday for the big country show at San Francisco’s AT&T Park were greeted with a sign saying Sugarland — No. 2 on the bill behind Kenny Chesney — would not be performing because singer Jennifer Nettles had lost her voice in the recording studio. (What?! Did she forget she had a gig on Saturday night?! Did she not know 40,000 people had bought tickets expecting to hear her sing? Couldn’t she have declined that seventh take?)

The sign offered refunds but also stated that Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert and Chesney would play longer sets to make up for the absence. In actuality? Not so much. Chesney just pulled out his standard 90-minute set, and the whole evening was over by 10:40. Though the set was thoroughly professional and technically accomplished, and packed with familiar singalong hits — generally about partying, rose-colored nostalgia, the beach, or some combination thereof — it certainly lacked the sense of an event that last summer’s installment had, when Chesney was joined onstage by Sammy Hagar and Steve Miller. There wasn’t much magic.

2 Responses to “Sugarland no-show hinders Chesney’s country party”

  1. completely agree with your assessment of the evening…with one major exception. miranda lambert triumphed over nothing. what a complete waste of an hour, listening that muddled (understatement) mess. seemed to me she was the only one who extended her set and i wish she hadn’t.

    lady a was okay. i had not heard them until recently and found them to be a pleasant surprise.

    chesney was amazing. it was almost worth the $100 i paid for my $30 ticket in the view deck (nosebleed!) seats to watch someone who so thoroughly enjoys doing what they’re doing. was disappointed by the long list of songs he did not do, but what he did was okay.

    as for sugarland…that’s who i came to see. i had planned on this event for months as a way to get together with my 3 siblings from out of the area. the sign at the entrance saying sugarland would not be there was like a punch in the gut. my brother and sisters had a good time, as they came mostly to see kenny, but i, quite honestly, was glad when the evening ending early and i got to go home. seeing sugarland live is back on my bucket list, unfortunately.

  2. I was a last year’s “party”. The music was ok. Leanne Rimes was great. She had tons of energy (opening act). Brooks and Dunne were predictable. Then the toilets broke. We stayed long enough to hear the headliner do 3 songs and that was enough.
    AT&T is a terrible place for a concert. The event suffers from insufficient bathrooms, police, security or orginization. I’ll never attend another show there.
    The crowd was an eye opener, too. Plenty of god praisin’, itchy britches, erotic touching teen drama. There were long lines for Corona, bud, bud lite, miller, etc. Short lines for Anchor Steam.
    Bottom line- This event is supposed to be a country, teen supershow. It provides little value. I’m surprised they offered refunds because Sugarland backed out (WTF!). That’s decent. Too bad they don’t treat you that well once you’re in the venue.


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