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If you are around Seattle..July 31....Chesney Sand Bar

Seattle: When you play football stadiums, you don't just roll in, throw up a stage and get on with it… And the more years Kenny Chesney headlines stadiums around the nation, the more ways he finds to expand and improve the experience for himself and his fans. To that end, the Sun City Carnival hits Seattle's Qwest Field July 31 for a sand bar only performance experience for a select number of fans.

“Qwest can be a little tricky,” allows the man who was country music's
only representative in Pollstar's Midyear Tour Rankings Top 10. “We wanna get in there and really blow it up… and I wanna know that we're able to capture what's so special about that place, because the Seattle fans are incredible. So, we figured rather than just coming in and me and the guys doing a soundcheck, we could warm-up with something a little bit more - and start what is normally an all-day experience the night before.”

With an 8:30 start time, the lucky ticket holders - available through, local radio stations and outlets to be determined - will report to the Northwest Plaza by 8:15 and be led en masse to the Sand Bar for an hour-long set by the 4-consecutive Academy of Country Music and 4-time and reigning Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year.

“We're always looking for ways to change things up, to give the fans a peak into our world,” Chesney allows. “It just seems like as long as we're gonna be there, we might as well share it with the people who love our music - and inspire us to rock a little harder, to play a little bit longer. I don't know if this is crazy, sane or the start of something big, but given how awesome Seattle has always been for us, it seems like the perfect place to find out!”

With SRO shows at football stadiums in Chicago, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh already under his belt, a play at San Francisco's AT&T Park this weekend and the always insane Boston Gillette Stadium show - sold out in under 10 minutes this year with
no support acts announced - this is easily the most intimate way to see the largest scale Kenny Chesney this year. All the production, all the decibels, all the everything and none of the crowds that accompany his NFL and MLB plays.

As with everything Chesney does, fans should also not be surprised by the presence of hi-def cameras. Having produced three “Roadcase” DVDs, several videos and much of his behind the stage concert footage from captured road images, one never knows where they might end up - though their presence is permission to be used in these mediums.

“Anyone who's ever been in my house
knows, I have pictures everywhere of everyone and everything,” Chesney admits with a shy laugh. “When you close your eyes, you can see all these amazing things that've happened, but if you wanna share it with your friends, you need this pictures. All the faces, the places we've been… well, I try to not just share it with the people in my life, but the fans who've made my life and been such a part of this. Who knows when or how? But I know you can only capture the moment in the moment, so that's what we're trying to do…”


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