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No Shoes Radio

Orange Beach, Alabama: When the clock hits high noon on Thursday August 6, look for Kenny Chesney to bring his unique kind of country-reggae-rock and beyond to the universe - with the launch of Given the unique cross-pollination that's made Kenny Chesney the man who blurs labels and attracts over a million fans each of the past 7 summers, No Shoes Radio reflects that eclectic take on classic and modern music.

With his Greatest Hits II - featuring the 2 week #1 “Out Last night” - Chesney has evolved into the sound of summer in America: exuberant, real, ready to work hard and play harder. Now, the fans can plug into their main source any time of the day or night - and not just get music, but surprises ranging from who might be stopping by to surprise concertcasts.

“People ask me what I do and, obviously, cause of the way I sing and where I come from, I'm a country singer, but really, what I do draws on so much more than that,” Chesney explains. “Growing up, I don't think anybody listened to any one kind of thing - and what I think of as country, well, that's not really what we do… But then again, II think most of our fans are listening to other stuff, too, whether it's Dave (Matthews), (Bruce) Springsteen (Tom) Petty or Jackson Browne, not to mention Bob Marley, who I think may be the great equalizer among all kinds of music.”

Drawn in large part from Chesney's iPod, No Shoes Radio will be the ground zero for all things Kenny: interviews with the 4-consecutive Academy of Country Music and 4-time and current Country Music Entertainer of the Year, as well as friends, fans and the crew that's waist deep in this year's Corona Extra sponsored Sun City Carnival. A heady cocktail of good times, good music and that secret ingredient that makes a day at a Kenny Chesney concert so much fun.

To kick the network off, look for the station to go live from the parking lot at 12 noon Eastern time in Orange Beach. Not only will Chesney drop by for an interview and perhaps a few songs, but tour mates Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum will be on hand for the inaugural day of broadcast. As if that's not enough, Chesney and his team have been working to simulcast his Orange Beachshow to anyone tuning in on their computer anywhere in the world.

“I always say I wish I could take the fans with us,” Chesney says. “I can't drag people around behind me, but we can still make them part of this concert experience. For me, the idea that I can bring everybody together within all the music that inspires me… well, that's what got me started doing this in the first place - and now we can find a way to bring everybody to the show! It's gonna be cool, and then it's gonna keep rocking…”


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