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Injury at Aquapalooza

Get lots of people around lots of have potential least 3 hurt in seperate accidents at Aquapalooza......This man lifeflighted to a Birmingham hospital after losing several fingers when hit by a boat propeller....
Considering some 40,000 people and 5000 boats....the medics were not kept that busy! some BUI fight..not a bad day...but that was all prior to the concert end...the night is still young....


  1. This could be a different guy in your picture, so I might be wrong, but I was 2 boats away from a guy that lost a finger - his little finger. It was that one, and he lost it while diving in, it got hung up somehow on the boat or something as he dove in. He was life flighted out of there to Bham. Later they found the finger and put it on ice and drove it to Bham in an ambulance, with police escort.


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