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Craig Morgan said he was going to watch! UFC 100

Pay per view Saturday night..I was watching Nascar from Chicago...other going where they had to go to see the pay per view from Vegas...Lesnar vs Mir
The UFC..its a hot thing today...
I have watched...still trying to get into it...I like old school boxing...Rocky style...reminds me of Ali...Today though's UFC..I remember seeing a twitter message that Craig Morgan was waiting to see it..
jeweljkjust watched Lesnar/Mir fight- im glad 2 see that Lesnar isnt perpetuating stereotypes of what meat head wrestlers act like. good for him..
7/11 Saturday night a huge event...I see but know nothing about the UFC.......I have called upon a young fan, Josh Yelverton, to give his insights...For those of you into this UFC stuff...the world is watching......enjoy:

UFC 100 was a landmark for the UFC . It marked a new era for the UFC , and showed us some great fights . Here are the results of what I considered to be the three main events, along with my analysis, and all the crazy post fight antics.
Brock Lesnar ( champion ) vs. Frank Mir ( challenger )
There was a lot of hype going into this fight. This fight was a rematch of a fight that took place on Feb. 2 , 2008 that saw Mir win the bout via a first round knee bar submission. There was some smack talked, but it was nothing that hasn't been displayed in other grudge matches. Despite this, at the pre-fight staredown , Mir held out his hands to touch gloves with Lesnar who , in very disgusting fashion , turned his back and stomped back to his corner. The fight started out slow on the feet. many people felt that Lesnar would have the advantage in striking. The first round left that question unanswered, as Lesnar took Mir down, used his size and weight to pin Mir by keeping his shoulders on the mat ( and neutralize Mir's world-class ju-jitsu skills ) . Lesnar then proceeded to work ground and pound for Mir's half guard until the end of the round.The second round started a little faster paced than the first, as Mir came in and landed a few decent strikes on Lesnar. Shortly into the round, Lesnar shot for a single leg takedown . While defending the takedown , Mir used his captured leg as leverage , and leaped into a flying knee that hit Lesnar flush , but it did not prevent the inevitable takedown . Lesnar re-established himself in Mir's half guard . Mir lost half guard while trying to regain better position . While Mir looked for something to exploit , Lesnar put him against the fence , and assumed back-side control . Lesnar then dropped several heavy shots on Mir that clearly rocked Mir beyond the point of recovery him , prompting the referee to stop the fight at 1minute 48 seconds in the first round by way of TKO ( technical knockout ) . As a fellow mixed martial artist , the following actions from Lesnar aggravated me . Despite any bad blood between any fighters , the majority of fighters always show respect at the end of the fight , despite the outcome . As Mir was being checked on by the doctors , Lesnar ran up to him , got in his face , and said something to the effect of : " Talk all the s**** you want . I won ! " . He then began to give the middle finger to the crowd. As UFC commentator, Joe Rogan interview him , Lesnar then began to insult Mir ( while using very vulgar language ) , announced to the world how he was going to go home and drink a Coors Light beer, because he said Bud Light ( the official beer , and one of the biggest sponsers of the UFC ) would not pay him a dime , and proceeded this disrespectful behavior by announcing plans to go home and " get on top of his wife " . When Joe Rogan interviewed Frank Mir , I had more respect for a defeated Mir then I could ever have for Lesnar . " He won fair and square . He did a good job . He neutralized the stand-up , and put me against the cage. Looks like I've got some things to work on . " Mir just got brutally pounded in front of his friends, family, and millions of others. Yet, he still assumed responsibility for his loss, and praised Lesnar ( who was doing the exact opposite .) These fighters are ambassadors of our sport, and role models to others. When people look at them, they judge MMA as a whole. Mir was prime example of how respect and class should be shown. Lesnar was far from it. He is a champion, and this rule should apply to him more than anyone. A champion should not act like this. It is because of guys like Lesnar, that politicians and stereotypes refer to MMA as " human cock fighting " , when any decent martial artist will tell you that there is a great amount of discipline and respect among mixed martial artists. I know of several young children who watch MMA and idolize some of the fighters. Would you want your kid to looking up to Lesnar? I sure as heck wouldn't. With that being said. I hope that Lesnar reforms his attitude in the future to a better form. At the post fight interviews, Lesnar had a Bud Light next to him ( no doubt the work of Dana White trying to cover up for Lesnars little moment by kissing up to Bud Light . ) Lesnar then apologized by saying " I acted very un-professional , and I apologize to Bud Light . I'm not really biased towards any beer , so I'll probably be drinking Bud Light tonight anyways . " (Whether or not this was a legitimate apology, I honestly have no clue )
Georges " Rush " St-Pierre ( champion ) vs. Thiago " Pitbull " Alves ( challenger )
This fight was my favorite , simply because St-Pierre is my favorite fighter . Georges St-Pierre ( more commonly known as " GSP " ) is the complete fighter . He has defeated the best of the best , and left a path of destruction in his wake . Not only does he defeat his opponents , he dominates them . At UFC 100 , the deadly muay thai specialist , Thiago Alves , stood in the way of GSP and what GSP wanted most : to cement his legacy as the best . Many thought that Alves was the chosen one to bring about the upset . This was not the case . GSP had a six inch reach advantage . An advantage that he utilized to a great effect . GSP stayed on the outside , and peppered Alves with jabs , legkicks , and the occasional superman punch . Whenever ALves tried to clse the distance and let his hands go , GSP would take him down with his notorious wrestling ability , and work some effective ground and pound . Despite being dropped , cut open , and slammed repeatedly , Alves still showed his heart and will power as he pushed forward and continued his pursuit . GSP took every round , but to the credit of Alves , he executed a reversal on the ground that landed him in GSP's guard , where Alves landed a few strikes that did not really do much damage to the champion , but it scored him a few points . When Alves was in GSP's guard , he pushed GSP's leg down a bit to far , which resulted in GSP acquiring a groin muscle injury . In the corner , before th fourth round, you could hear a comical exchange between GSP and his main coach , Greg Jackson - " Man , I think I hurt my groin . " said , the champ . " I don't care ........ Hit him with it ! " replied Jackson .GSP scored ten takedowns that varied from double legs to single legs to slams .The judges scored the five rounds as 50-45 , 50-45 , and 50-44 , giving St-Pierre the unannimous decison . After the fight both fighters showed a great display of class and respect towards each other . ( unlike some people . *cough* Lesnar *cough * ). When interviewed by Joe Rogan , The champion then spoke of Alves , saying " He was the toughest test of my career so far . He is a great fighter , and he will gain from this experience . He will definitley come back strong . "
Dan " Hendo " Henderson vs. Michael " The Count " Bisping
These two were the coaches of season nine of The Ultimate Fighter reality series in which amatuers compete against each other for a six figure UFC contract .The season was co-named " Team USA vs. Team UK " . Henderson coached team USA , and Bisping coached his fellow Brits on team UK . There was a good bit of tension and trash talk between the two , But Henderson silenced " The Count " in excellent fashion at UFC 100 . This was basicly a kickboxing bout between the two . Bisping threw some solid jabs , but was rocked early in first round . It looked as though it was going to be short night for Bisping , but he manged to recover . In the second reound , Bisping utilized the " stick and move " strategy ; a strategy that I believe , if executed in correct fashion , could earn Bisping the win . Bisping stuck nice and fast , but the problem was the moving . He kept moving in the same direction over and over again . He would jab , and then move to his left ( opposite his opponents right ) . As Henderson jabbed at Bisping , he timed Bisping's movement , noted the direction , and continued by firing a devastating right that buried Bisping into an unconcious state , halting the fight at 3 minutes 20 seconds . He then threw one last heavy shot at the motionless Bisping ( no doubt , for his antics on the Ultimate Fighter ) .
Well , I hope everyone enjoyed the fights , and I hope everyone enjoyed reading my thoughts of the fights .
Josh Yelverton
Mixed Martial Artist


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