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The Pinnacle of Music Row Success

There he was, cowboy hat and all, in the State Capitol  in Nashville. Garth Brooks, the most honored and best selling artist in Country music history.
Mr Brooks had the Governor,2 US Senators,2 Congressman and a Mayor for his support cast. Trisha Yearwood on the front row. Impressive to say the least.
He will raise millions for flood relief. A series of musical events in the planning since days after the disaster.
Garth wanted to come in as the closer…and he has.
Always brilliant and on course. He seemed really excited about the opportunity to raise money and do his big show again. Garth doesn’t need the money. He does want to remain in the position he earned. Or it would seem that he does. The senior superstar in residence.
Let the others do their thing then he will do this..It’s why he sold more music and tickets than anyone around here. He just knows how to play the game. Brilliant as always.
In case you don’t know: December 17,2010 concert at Bridgestone Arena Nashville. Tickets are $25.00. If and WHEN this show sells out there will be another announced and then another. Industry experts say 3 shows but no one really has any idea how the fans will react. I think bigger than 3…only availability of the arena not Garth will keep the number down. I’ll put the spin on GBs number. He will make this a huge happening. HUGE!
November 3 at NOON central time is when the ticket sales details will be announced. Stay tuned.
Now on to the other brilliant career of this decade. Taylor Swift. The media blanket was complete. Total publicity for the new cd Speak Now including very positive critical reviews. 2 million shipped and she will sell them all if not this week soon…
Outside control of the Swift spin doctors the story on the movie. What movie? Rock of Ages…an 80’s rock Broadway play getting the Hairspray treatment.
Cruise the bartender..confirmed offer from the studio and Cruise pr. Swift the lead? Whoa! This isn’t a cameo role. And you couldn’t pick a more perfect part. Will she get it/or will she take it/or does she have time for it maybe most importantly.
2011 will be an insane year for Music Row touring. Everyone seems to be on the road. TS will tour arenas and stadiums late Spring/Summer. She may have some time in January to do a movie . I hope she does it. The director is a gem! Adam Shankman. ( he did Hairspray and made it much better than the play!)
TS and GB do it better than anyone else ..I know people get sick of me saying that but they never drop the ball.
I see screwups in almost every other camp. They either hit the tone wrong or their stars are pains in the ass and won’t work as hard as TS or GB.
Some are just not cut out for that kind of fame even if they wanted it. Some try too hard. Many just are posers and get exposed at some point.
TS/GB do the time and treat the fans the best. They have loyal followers the rest only dream about cultivating.
There is no substitute for team. A 1st class team with a star that has a charm and works hard on stardom.
It’s magical. TV cameras don’t lie at the end of the day. It sees through you. It sees a lack of confidence and it sees a fake. If it looks hard enough at you it will see through you.
We have part time stars. We have fakers who are only in Country because rock didn’t take them. The few who are real sometimes just don’t have the right timing or machine behind them. It’s why when a few do hit, you see how all the dots were connected.
It is amazing to watch an Elvis, The Beatles, Shania,The Garth Brooks and maybe, and its still early, Taylor Swift.
It’s not about purity of country music,I’m talking commerce meets art. Great songs presented ina way that connects with the audience. Right place and right time doesn’t hurt. Luck and skill in combination,magic!


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