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NASHVILLE, TN (October 27, 2010) – CMA nominated husband/wife duo Joey+Rory release fan favorite “That’s Important To Me” to country radio stations countrywide. This emotional song written by the couple and Tim Johnson showcases their strong values and commitment to each other and to their family. As with every aspect of their career, Joey+Rory continue to share their lives, home, community and beliefs with their fans with “That’s Important To Me”.
“Every line of this song is true,” states Rory. “We don’t watch much TV, we don’t buy things on credit, we always hold hands when we pray…all of it.  This is my favorite song on the record and the one I’m most excited about singing for the rest of our lives.”
The corresponding video (airing now on GAC and CMT) was shot at the couple’s farmhouse, Joey’s family restaurant and the road they live on.
“All of this truly is 100% our life,” said Rory.  “Joey cuts my hair on the front porch.  She grows starter-plants for her garden in the house.  That's my old car that I drive every day (a 1952 Oldsmobile). Having this song out there for people to hear and see is about as exciting for us as it can get.”
Appearances in the video range from their daughters and neighbors to their dog Rufus and their baby ducks. This intimate snapshot of their daily life captures what’s most important to them and highlights the people they care about most.  
“This video visually shows what's most important to us,” states Joey.  “Our values are so important to us and we believe that we can all be a small part in helping the world rediscover, and get back to, the things that are "most important" in life.”
"We're all very excited to share this song and Joey+Rory's life with their fans," adds manager Matt Maher of ROAR. "While some artists choose to keep their personal lives private, Joey+Rory are transparent about their relationship, home, community, beliefs and their whole life through their music and in particular, with this song and video. It's been a fan favorite from the first time they played it live, and the early reaction is so incredibly strong, its as if people have been waiting for this affirmation of their own similar beliefs."


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