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 Two States Down, Four To Go For Jimmy WayneCountry Star Crossed the State Line Into Oklahoma Last Night on Walk for the Homeless

Nashville, TN, February 17, 2010 --  Jimmy Wayne began his walk halfway across America on January 1, 2010, and last night at 7:12 pm CT, crossed the state line from Arkansas into Oklahoma.  The Country star has logged 530 miles of the approximately 1700-mile walk for the initiative he named Meet Me Halfway. Wayne’s Meet Me Halfway campaign is designed to raise awareness of homeless teens and young adults who age out of the foster care system. (www.meetmehalfway/

The endeavor has taken some interesting twists and turns along the way, including the unusually high number of snow and ice storms the artist has encountered, as well as temperatures that have been the coldest in decades.  But according to Wayne, the people he has met along the way have more than made up for the unpleasant weather conditions.

“Walking through the small towns and farmlands in Tennessee and Arkansas has been one of the greatest experiences of my life,” Wayne said.  “I have met some incredible and generous people who have offered me meals, a warm and dry place to sleep and companionship.  When I started this walk, I really had no expectations. I thought I would be alone, sleeping in a tent at night.  But as the saying goes, man makes plans and God laughs.  There have been many times I’ve slept outside, but even more times that because of a kind and generous soul, I have had a roof over my head.”

Wayne’s decision to begin the walk during the winter was designed to bring attention to the plight of the homeless and the challenges they face all year, and especially during the cold weather months. He has been able to do this through his live broadcasts from the road, Twitter and one on one conversation with the people he meets along the way.  Additionally, the donation of an RV as a support vehicle, wrapped with an image of Wayne and the Meet Me Halfway website address points those who see the unmistakable vehicle traveling down the highway to the website, where they can learn more about the initiative.  The RV has served as a much needed safety vehicle on the long stretches of often-vacant highway.

“I pledged to walk to Phoenix, and that is still my plan,” Wayne said. “I am truly grateful for all of the support I have found along the way. The RV donated by Gary Luffman and HisCall has been a real blessing. The visual on the wrap gets people’s attention about Meet Me Halfway—and that’s what I am doing this for. It’s been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.”

Wayne is now logging about 20 miles a day. Phoenix is still quite a distance, but with every step Wayne takes, he continues to raise awareness and start conversation about the plight of these young people.


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