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Kenny Wakes Up Superbowl 2x on ESPN!
Mike & Mike Friday Morning; NFL Countdown Sunday Afternoon
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     Nashville: With two friends in the big game, Kenny Chesney will most definitely be heading to Miami for the Super Bowl. And having had a strong connection to ESPN, two of the all sports networks' biggest shows have reached to the 4-consecutive Academy of Country Music and 4-time Country Music Entertainer of the Year to stop by and talk about the upcoming game.

     Look for Chesney to be a guest on “Mike & Mike,” where he's a frequent call-in presence, on Friday morning on both ESPN-2 and ESPN Radio. Then tune into a special Super Bowl Sunday edition of “NFL Countdown” Sunday at 1 pm to see Chesney talking about the game, being drafted - and cut - as a New Orleans Saint and, no doubt, the general mayhem in Miami.

     “It's not like I'm the definitive voice or anything,” Chesney says of the two stops on ESPN, “but I do think I represent the definitive football fan. Me and the guys watch these games, live and die over who's playing who all season when we're closing out the tour - and this is, obviously, the biggest game of the year… So I love that Golic and Greenberg want me on their show.

     “As for 'NFL Countdown,' well, that's like doing the Grammys for football. That's about the best analysis there is… and I'm looking forward to being part of their coverage.”

     Chesney got his Super Bowl pregame started early - as No Shoes Radio ( has been broadcasting daily since Tuesday and carried a live concert by Uncle Kracker Wednesday night - and can't wait to get down to South Florida to get into the action. With editing on his “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-d” in the final stages, he's been working double shifts trying to be able to get out of town and just have a good time.

     “You'd never believe how much work goes into something like this,” he laughs. “But once you're in, you can't just stop. So as much as I wanted to be down at the pool with Uncle Kracker, I've been in an edit bay, cutting film, changing shots - cause when the wheels go up tonight for Miami, I wanna be able to just forget about everything and enjoy some football!

     “I know this year's Super Bowl is gonna be a great game. I'm not gonna bet on it, but I wouldn't want to… and that's half the fun of it! So I'm gonna get up early Friday, go hang with Mike & Mike and then have so much fun I'm gonna be ready to get back to work on the film on Monday!”

     With “Ain't Back Yet,” the recently recorded Chris Tompkins/Craig Wiseman theme song for the movie, hitting country radio any day now, look for the hard-charging entertainer to have a song of equal velocity on the air. As the groundhog's shadow promises 6 more weeks of winter, this'll warm up your morning commute and set the tone for an April 21 national release for the 3-D movie that captures the heart, the energy and especially the fun of last summer's Sun City Carnival NFL Stadium dates.


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