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■ JUST IN: Although his run on Brad Paisley’s 2010 AMERICAN SATURDAY NIGHT Tour doesn’t conclude until next weekend, Justin Moorehas already been invited back to join the superstar’s 2010 H2O Tour, kicking off later this Spring!  Announced during CRS this week in Nashville, Brad Paisley will bring Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, Josh Thompson and Steel Magnolia out on the road with him on what is sure to be another successful amphitheater trek.  Stay tuned for tour dates and markets to be announced shortly.

■ FROM MUSIC TO FASHION, REBA HAS LEARNED YOU HAVE TO BE COMFORTABLE DOING IT: Reba is a superstar in every sense of the word—her illustrious career has taken her to every arena of the entertainment word—but the constant in her career has always been her music, and now her product lines, most notably her REBA fashion collection, are just as time consuming.  "If I don't do it someone else will," Reba told The Wichita Eagle as to why she has tried so many different things in her career.  "I've done a lot of things but it always goes back to singing.  I still love to sing. I can't imagine not singing."  But when the superstar isn’t on the stage or in a recording studio, she can be found designing and developing her REBA product lines, available at Dillard’s.  "I've had some doozy looks.  I wore some wild things I probably shouldn't have worn.  I've also worn some very expensive clothes, which just weren't real comfortable for me,” notes Reba, acknowledging that being comfortable with what she wears has been a process.  “[But now] I found that clothes don't have to be very expensive.  I learned a lot.  I've been around fashion and stylists for so long that I should know a little about what to wear."

■ WHETHER ON HIS WALK FOR HOMELESSNESS OR AT HOME, JIMMY WAYNE LOVES HIS COFFEE: “I've gotta have my coffee in the morning; sometimes even in the evening!” exclaims Jimmy Wayne, who is in Oklahoma on his Meet Me Halfway walk to raise awareness for homelessness.  “I love the taste of GoodBean coffee.  I order it from the GoodBean coffee shop in Jacksonville, OR.  I was doing a charity event and stopped into this shop, which is from the 1800's, ordered a cup of joe and sat outside and stared at the old town.  I fell in love with this place and especially the coffee.  I ponder a lot when I'm just sittin' and sippin'.  I carry on a conversation sometimes even when it’s just me.  It’s like priming the well; clearing my mind.”  Although Jimmy has had lots of time to think lately on his walk—and lots of opportunities to drink coffee—we’re thinking he’s anticipating the day he can smell the aroma of GoodBean coffee again! 


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