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■ JUSTIN MOORE AND WIFE WELCOME BABY GIRL: From AOL’s The BootJustin Moore is a daddy!  Justin’s wife, Kate, gave birth to their first child, daughter Ella Kole, on Thursday (Feb. 11).  Little Ella came into the world at 12:29 PM, measuring 18 inches long and weighing in at 6 lbs. 8 oz.  "She and my wife are perfect," Justin tells The Boot.  "Both are doing great.  All I can say is, ‘wow!’  It's the most unbelievable thing I've ever been through.  [I’m] so thankful."  Justin and Kate decided to plan Ella's birth via C-Section, due to the fact that Justin is in the midst ofBrad Paisley’s American Saturday Night Tour, and he didn't want to risk missing the birth of their first child.  "I'm so busy that we just had to pick a day,” continues Justin.  “We picked the 11th, because that's the earliest they would let us do it.  What's horrible was that I had to leave on the 12th, so it was rough.”

■ JEWEL GRAVITATES TOWARDS SENTIMENTAL SONGS ON VALENTINE’S DAY: “I love the sentiment that these two Don Williams song have: ‘You're My Best Friend’ and ‘I Believe In You’,” recalls Jewel, from the premiere of the Valentine’s Day movie, where the superstar was promoting her new single “Stay Here Forever”, which is featured as the lead Country single from Valentine’s Day Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, in stores now.  “I guess the fact that Ty dedicated them both to me may have had something to do with them being my favorite romantic songs.  My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is actually a tradition.  Ty and I write each other love letters every year.  I keep a box full of the letters from over the past eleven years.”  Check out this and more Valentine’s Day stories from Country stars on Rhapsody’s Valentine’s Day blog here.

■ REBA WILL NEVER AGAIN GIVE NARVEL A CHAINSAW FOR VALENTINE’S DAY: Newlywed Narvel Blackstock knew it was a gift she'd treasure forever when he gave wife Reba a diamond tennis bracelet for their first Valentine's Day. But no one knows where Narvel's Valentine from Reba is rusting now. "We had just bought our place in Gallatin and we were trying to clear it," Reba tells Country Aircheck Consumer News. "So I got him a chainsaw for Valentine's Day.  Now that went over like a lead balloon because the chain was on backwards.  He worked all day long trying to trim up some of the low branches.  His shoulders, arm and neck were just killing him.  The next day, he hired professional people to come in and clear the property.  I don't know where that chainsaw is today, but I still got my tennis bracelet."

■ NURSE FROM KENTUCKY DESIGNS JIMMY WAYNE’S ‘MEET ME HALFWAY’ T-SHIRT: Cynthia Sparks, a travel nurse specializing in critical care and currently living in Jabez, KY, conceptualized the design for the new Meet Me Halfway t-shirt, which will be available in the next few weeks on Jimmy Wayne’s Meet Me Halfway website.  Proceeds from sales of the t-shirt, as well as other merchandise designed especially for Wayne‘s walk across America, will benefit the Meet Me Halfway project.  According to Sparks, she was inspired by the artist’s undertaking to raise awareness of homeless children, teens and young adults, and wanted to do something to help. “I’m not an artist, and I really don’t have experience in graphic design, but this idea came to me, and I sent it to Jimmy’s management,” Sparks said. “I told them in my email I just wanted to do something to help, and asked permission to sell this T-shirt around Jabez. I was surprised when they called me and asked if I minded if they used the concept as ‘the’ design for the official t-shirt.”  In addition to conceptualizing a design for the t-shirt, Sparks drove three hours to Nashville on New Year’s Day to walk the first mile of Meet Me Halfway with Wayne and close to 100 other supporters.  “After Jimmy announced the walking campaign, I remembered an experience from about 10 yrs ago,” Sparks said.  “I was working in an emergency room and four siblings all under age five were brought in via ambulance.  The conditions in which these children were living were horrific.  They were not admitted to the hospital, but no facility could be found to take all four children that night.  The ER staff took turns holding, feeding and caring for these children throughout the night, with each of us giving all our hearts to them while in our care.  Unfortunately I do not know what happened with to those children. If Jimmy’s purpose is to help bring awareness to others about the homelessness among youth, then he was successful in widening my field of vision on this subject.   I am very fortunate and thankful; I grew up with a loving and caring family. If I can aide Jimmy in bringing awareness to others and possibly making positive changes that can give children a better life, then I am willing to help in any manner I can.”  Since departing Nashville on New Year’s Day, Wayne has logged 400 plus miles, and has traveled through Tennessee and Arkansas and is nearing Oklahoma.  Some of the coldest weather the Southeast has seen in 60 years hindered the first week of the walk, but with milder temperatures, Wayne has been able to log an average of 20 miles per day this week.
■ JEWEL’S RECENT RETURN TO ALASKA BROUGHT BACK FOND MEMORIES: Last year Jewel returned to Homer and Anchorage in Alaska, where the superstar was born and raised, for her first performances there in nearly ten years.  We asked Jewel what it was like to be in her home state again.  “I'm so proud to be from Alaska,” exclaims the singer-songwriter.  “I had such a great time on my trip. Ty and his parents were able to come with me this time and it really made it special to share the experience with them.  I did a show in my hometown of Homer to benefit the local arts program as well as performances in Anchorage.  It is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  I don't get back to enough but I treasure every moment I'm there.  I went to visit my family's homestead that my father keeps up and we had a big dinner with Alaska family members and my touring crew.”

■ RANDOM NOTES: Reba’s new DVD release CMT Invitation Only is in stores this week, and the superstar is proud of the project. "I'm very excited about the DVD coming out myself,” notes the superstar.  “I love to watch concerts.  I love to watch other folks.  Matter of fact, I was watching a lot of the, like, the 70s and 80s, and I was like, 'I didn't know they had video back then.'  Well, they didn't, but it was like TV tapings, but yes, when I can I love to.  Barbara Mandrell's show - it was on beta – I wore the beta tape out – The Lady Is A Champ – I watched that forever."  CMT is giving Reba fans a chance to win a cool prize pack in conjunction with the DVD release.  Fans can click here to register…Jewel has partnered with AOL for a multi-week blog series, spotlighting her thoughts on life and love.  Click here to read the first installment…Jewelappeared on TBS’ Lopez Tonight this week to promote her new single and the release of the Valentine’s Day soundtrack.  Click here to watch her appearance…”I am excited the to announce that I have partnered with Pennyroyal Silver to design a special Give a Drop pendant to benefit my charity, Project Clean Water,” notes Jewel on her website.  “Give a Drop is the name of our partnership with Virgin Unite and the Voss Foundation, which is helping to bring water to communities in need in sub-Saharan Africa.  The Give a Drop pendant is the newest piece in the Pennyroyal Signature Collection.”  Pennyroyal Silver is a jewelry design company created by Tim Foster that raises money for worthy causes.  Each solid sterling silver pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain that has my signature and the phrase “Give a Drop” engraved on the back.  The limited edition piece will be available for just three weeks now through March 4 and can be purchased for $90 at Pennyroyal will donate 30% of the proceeds from the sale of this pendant to Project Clean Water to support the important work.


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