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Kenny Chesney Meets Steve Miller at the “Crossroads”Landmark CMT Series Brings Good Friends Together for Songs & Stories
Nashville: Kenny Chesney has been playing Steve Miller songs since he was sitting on bar stools, playing for tips in Johnson City, Tennessee - and over the years, the blues guitarist's songs have become a go-to staple in Chesney's loose improv moments onstage, whether it's an NFL stadium or a Keg in the Closet college bar show. And sometimes art imitates life, as the  pair found themselves together onstage at AT&T Park in 2008, trading songs and licks during Chesney's first San Francisco stadium play.

Now the pair reunites to exchange songs for CMT: Country Music Television's “Crossroads.” Trading songs of their own, perhaps a couple of favorites and stories of their lives in song, the Steve Miller Band offers a cornerstone to the kind of intensity that Chesney's kind of country embodies.

“When Steve called and asked, I was ready to go,” Chesney says of what will be his second appearance on the series. “His songs are so much fun, so much a part of who anyone growing up who's a rock fan is… and having him onstage with us - doing 'Rockin' Me' and 'The Joker' - was one of those moments where you can't believe your life.

“He's so down-to-Earth, so easy-going, you'd never what a big star he is…,” Chesney continues. “Everything he's done… songs like 'Take The Money and Run,' 'Jet Airliner,' 'Fly Like an Eagle,' 'Livin' In The USA' and 'The Joker'… He's been on the road for four decades and he's just as good now, not to mention the way he can play a guitar! It is truly an honor to get to do this with him.”

Indeed, Miller is a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Emerging from the infamous Summer of Love as one of the leading rock denizens, the man whose roots are in the blues clubs of Chicago and  Madison, Wisconsin has seen his 
Fly Like An Eagle, Book of Dreams and Abracadabra achieve multi-platinum sales.

“When you're standing onstage for soundcheck the day before a stadium show and your 
whole crew is standing there watching, that's when you realize what an artist like Steve's reach really is - the metal guys, the reggae people, the alternatives and the classic rockers were all lined up, just waiting for him to plug in and jam with us.”

Currently in the last throes of editing “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D,” the man who's sold over a million tickets each of the past 8 summers but who's currently not staging a tour this year is looking forward to getting onstage with his dear friend and play. With a schedule that's a bit more pliant than in previous years, the singer/songwriter, whose 
Greatest Hits II just saw his ESPN College football theme “This Is Our Moment” and his movie theme “Ain't Back Yet” added, is ready to use this break to make a little more music with his friends and heroes.


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