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No Surprise With This One...Carrie & Brad Host CMA's Again

Brad Paisley is moving up the charts fast with his new hit, “Anything Like Me,” and in talking about the song, Brad says that the lyrics are very true to how he grew up — and he’s a little nervous, and kind of hopeful, that it’ll be the same way his children grow up, too. 
“Anything Like Me” is just one of the incredible songs on Brad’s upcoming double-disc album, Hits Alive, available everywhere on November 2nd...
“When you go and hear those words and think about, you know, ’probably climb a tree too tall, ride his bike too fast,’ it’s things that we did. I mean, ‘end up every summer wearing somethin’ in a cast, probably throw a ball and break some glass.’ Who hasn’t done that? And all those things are just things that I did and my co-writers did. And it’s pretty true to life, you know, in terms of both…all those things that I’m talking about that he does like ‘probably stay out too late, drive his car too fast,’ I kind of hope he does. Same with the ‘throw a ball,’ and you know, all of these are things that I’m equal parts a little bit scared of and hopeful that he actually also does them.”


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