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Deborah Allen Detained by Memphis Police and Homeland Security 
Singer Took A Wrong Turn Scouting Locations 

Nashville. TN --- While in Memphis to debut her new release, "Amazing Graceland," during Elvis Week, E1 recording artist, Deborah Allen was scouting locations for her new video when her team decided to take and interesting, but ultimately very wrong, turn. 

Deborah, her manager Raymond Hicks, and video director Mark Nicolosi took a service road under the old Memphis Arkansas Bridge for what looked like the perfect location for shooting a peaceful, nostalgic, delta scene. Quickly, the scene turned into a barage of flashing blue lights and officers charging toward the team with weapons drawn shouting,"Stay in the car! Keep your hands on the dash! Keep your hands in sight and don't move! 

Deborah and her crew had driven in to an area heavily protected by Homeland Security. Surveillance cameras had caught their every move and authorities had been alerted. Deborah and her crew were risking a violation of the Patriot Act. 

After a thurough interrogation and search, the officers realized that Deborah Allen was not a terriorist threat. 

Before departing, the officers listened to Deborah's new song, which debuted with George Klein on Sirius/XM radio over the weekend. Allen also invited the officers to attend her September 10th performance at the Bartlett, Tennessee Performing Arts Center. 

Deborah Allen's heartfelt tribute to the life and home of Elvis Presley, "Amazing Graceland", is available on i-Tunes and can be heard by visiting 


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