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JUST IN: Jewel, who is in the middle of an extensive multi-state motorcycle excursion with her husband Ty Murray, performed tonight on NBC's EMMY Awards.  Jewel performed a song "The Shape Of You" [available for digital download on iTunes] during the show's in-memoriam montage.  While in Los Angeles, Jewel will also appear on CNN's Larry King Live and E!'s Chelsea Lately, both on Monday 8/30, where she will promote the release of her second Funny Or Die video clip as well as her new single "Ten" from her current album SWEET AND WILD.  Click here to catch a glimpse of Jewel on the EMMY red carpet.

■ REBA DELIVERS A 'DIFFERENT' SOUND WITH "TURN ON THE RADIO": Reba's current single, the in-your-face "Turn On The Radio" is one of the superstar's fastest-rising singles, and it's quite a change from her most recent single, the straight-ahead ballad "I Keep On Loving You".  But as Reba recently told Cowboys & Indians magazine, whatever the style of song is she releases, when she opens her mouth to sing, it will sound Country.  "I’ve gone to both ends of the gamut," the superstar says.  "I’ve done the most traditional country music possible, and then I’ve gone way over the line on doing a lot of songs that were not traditional country music.  I’m going on my 35th year in the music business.  And I think always experimenting and trying to do something different has something to do with why I’ve been in this business as long as I have.  What always appeals to me is the song.  And whether it’s a little more traditional, or a little more contemporary, that’s what I’m going to sing.  Because in my opinion, there’s only two kinds of songs, two categories: good and bad.  Of course, when I sing it, it’s going to be Country.  The instrumentation is what changes it to something that’s more contemporary or traditional."  To read the full article, click here.

■ EVEN WITH AGGRESSIVE TOUR SCHEDULE, JUSTIN MOORE THROWS A PARTY EVERY NIGHT: Justin Moore just wrapped a whirlwind 25 non-stop days on the road, and the rising star only had a few days back in Nashville before departing on an even more aggressive 45 day run of concert dates this week.  And the hard work is just part of the deal, Justin realizes, but even with a grueling schedule, Justin is making sure of one thing: his fans get a party every night he's on stage.  "It's a pretty high-energy show,'' Justin told the Indiana Gazette this week.  "I always tell my band, `It's our job to throw a party for a couple of hours'.  And, we're really having a blast out there.  We've been lucky enough to tour with big acts, legendary acts.  It was cool for me to see how they still bring it every night after bringing it for 20, 30 years.  And then at the same time, there's something really rewarding about playing to a couple thousand people who came solely to see you."  Justin is mixing solo headling shows with his run on Brad Paisley's H2O World Tour through the remainder of the year.


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