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JERROD NIEMANN: Cool Guitar, Hot Guy

Earlier this week, Nashville celebrated the chart-topping success of Jerrod Niemann’s first number-one single, “Lover, Lover,” at a party where the song’s writer, Dan Pritzker, presented Jerrod with a very cool gift: the vintage 1957 Gibson guitar that he used to write the song.
  • Did you know…? Dan Pritzker and his group Sonia Dada originally recorded ”Lover, Lover” in the ’90s under the title “You Don’t Treat Me No Good.”
  • “Lover, Lover” is just one of the amazing tracks on Jerrod’s chart-topping album, Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury, available everywhere you find great music!
  • Also this week, Jerrod made the fan-voted list of hunky favorites on The Boot’s list of country’s Hottest Bachelors! Jerrod was very appreciative to have been among the fans’ top picks, though he laughs that anyone who knew him years ago would never have believed it. 
“Dan Pritzker, the writer of ‘Lover, Lover,’ from the amazing group Sonia Dada, originally out of Chicago, was kind enough to not only show up at the number-one party and celebrate with us, but he gave me a 1957 Gibson J-185 guitar. And then to top it off, I understand that it’s the guitar that ‘Lover, Lover’ was actually written on. Which, when he gave it to me, I said, ‘Thank you,’ and ‘Are you crazy?’ (laughs) I do not deserve this guitar. I mean, you know, hopefully…if he asks for it back, I’d definitely give it to him back, ’cause it’s just that awesome of a guitar. But in the meantime, I’m gonna be picking and grinning and giggling and whatever else you do with a guitar that is worth more your car.”
“I was number ten on the Hottest Bachelor list, which there was a three-way tie for number nine, so I think I’m like the 13th, which is good, ’cause I don’t want to be married that bad anyway. (laughs) No, it’s really cool. I mean, if you told anybody I grew up with that I was on any list for being an eligible bachelor, they would demand a recount.”
“And it also said ‘movie star good looks.’ I don’t know if they’re referring to Sloth off of Goonies or what, but I have never, ever (laughs) been accused of having movie star good looks. Definitely a typo.”
“Oh, it is fan voted? Well, then I’m sorry that I’m the 12th loser. I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you guys out there. I’ll work harder on my bachelor-ness. But, I don’t know, now you’re makin’ me all self-aware of what I need to be doing. Maybe I should be exercising, so next time I pick up that beer, instead of just drinkin’ it, I’m gonna actually do 12-ounce curls. No, I’m kidding. No, of course, I mean, it’s awesome. I appreciate everybody voting. It is really cool, especially when you don’t expect that.”


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