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Craig Morgan and the Fish

Craig Morgan has another big hit with his current single, “Bonfire,” and while he may like spending time around a big ol’ fire, he also enjoys leisure activities that involve water — but his youngest son…well, not so much. Craig says that a fishing trip with his three boys not long ago wasn’t the most rewarding experience for young Wyatt, who saw his big brothers pulling up fish while things were a bit quiet on his line. But Craig completely relates to the frustration. He says, “Fishing is not much fun to me if you’re not catchin’ fish.” He laughs, “That’s like ridin’ a stationary bike…why? I want to go somewhere!”
  • Look for “Bonfire” on Craig’s latest album, That’s Why, which also features “Love Remembers” and “God Must Really Love Me.” 
“My youngest was just a little…you know, after him not catchin’ anything for about an hour, he was so ready to go back. Now, my 12-year-old, and Kyle, my oldest son, you know, they were catchin’ fish, so they were havin’ a ball. It’s like, I gotta take him…I may even have to put one on the hook, put it out there, hand him the pole, and say, ‘Look! You got a bite!’ (laughs) I think he’ll have a lot more fun, but yeah, fishing is not much fun to me if you’re not catchin’ fish. I don’t know about these guys that do it for a livin’. If they’re not catchin’ fish, I couldn’t stand that! (laughs) That’s like riding a motorcycle that don’t run, you know? (laughs) That’s like ridin’ a stationary bike…why? (laughs) I want to go somewhere!” (laughs)


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