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Kenny Chesney on the death of Barry Beckett....

Somewhere tonight... Someone listens to their favorite song. Maybe on the radio... Maybe on satellite.... Maybe on CD or vinyl ... Odds are Barry Beckett is playing piano. He produced my first two albums. He taught me, inspired me, made me reach for more. He was one of the first to ever believe in a kid from Knoxville, Tennessee who used to sit out in the backyard in the middle of the night and stare at an open sky... knowing that there was something more... I loved him... I will take Barry everywhere! I always have and I always will. He taught me to put a smile in everything. That's important in life and especially to those of us who have music in our lives. Who are consumed by it... My life is consumed by it and Barry Beckett is to blame and I am forever grateful !!!!

Kenny Chesney


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