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Kenny Chesney # 19 and counting....

Kenny doesnt stop...Live or on the radio.... here's the latest on his new #1..
Nashville/St. Somewhere: When Kenny Chesney decided to head out with buddy Brett James for a night in the islands, he was just looking to have some laughs, hear some music and maybe get into an adventure or two. When they woke up the next morning, realizing they weren't dead, they figured - like all good ole boys'll do - they went “Out Last Night,” from which the lead single from Chesney's Greatest Hits II was born.

And with a second album filled with hits that have defined coming of age over the past 8 y ears - including “Young.” “the Good Stuff,” “Beer In Mexico,” “Summertime,” “Living In Fast Forward.” “When The Sun Goes Down” - already full, it makes sense that the high-energy performer from Luttrell, Tennessee would already be getting started on his next string of #1's right there.

“I've been really lucky,” Chesney says, “I came to town, fell in with the Acuff Rose people - and got a real baptism in what a great song is, what it needs to be and the way to let it breathe. You come up with folks like Whitey Shaffer, and Dean Dillon, Bill Anderson, those guys… and you take the songs pretty serious. Just like I take the fans so serious… the songs are what I bring them, and I want them to be able to live in them, too.”

With it's Calypso undertow and it's good vibrations essence of the carefree and easy life, “Out Last Night” distills everything the 4-consecutive Academy of Country Music and 4-time and current Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year embodies. Having turned his recent stadium shows in Chicago and Dallas into giant footloose Keg In The Closet shows, it's all about making the kind of memories with your friends that define what it means to be young and alive.

Growing up, going out was everything to us,” Chesney says. “And as I've gotten older, not much has changed. When I've got friends down in the islands with us… we're heading out, seeing what kind of people we can meet, fun we can have, jokes we can tell… some things never change.

“And, as a music fan, it's like that, too… We're all talking about what shows we wanna go see… where we wanna go see'em, what they might play. I think when people forget about
that stuff in their lives, they start dying. They just do… and that's one thing I'm not only not gonna do, I'm not gonna let the people who love this music do it, either. So if I'm gonna have a song on the radio right now, I can't think of a better one for it to be.”

With his Corona Extra-sponsored Sun City Carnival splashed across the pages of this week's
Entertainment Weekly, Chesney continues rocking stadiums, amphitheaters and arenas on his shortest tour since becoming a headliner. Still, there's half a summer - and enough shows to more than go around… or out last night… whichever the case may be.


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