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Carrie's Christmas Special Monday 12/7 on Fox

Carrie Underwood fans are excited about this coming Monday, when FOX will air Carrie Underwood: An All-Star Holiday Special, a music and fun-filled two-hour variety event, with an array of special guests including Brad PaisleyDolly PartonDavid CookChristina ApplegateKristin ChenowethSons of Sylvia, and more. Carrie says she’s really happy with how the show turned out, and while she was hard pressed to pick any one favorite segment, she loves a sketch offering the world a window into the thoughts of her beloved rat terrier, Ace, courtesy of the voice of Neil Patrick Harris. And, of course, having her mom, Carole, as a guest performer, was a big highlight. Carrie says, “She’s really cute, and she had so much fun with it, and everybody’s gonna love her.”
  • Don’t miss Carrie Underwood: An All-Star Holiday Special, when it airs Monday night, December 7th, at 8pm, ET, on FOX!
  • And don’t miss Carrie’s hot new album, Play On, in stores now! It includes her recent chart-topper, “Cowboy Casanova,” as well as her new single, “Temporary Home.”
  • Congratulations to Carrie on a pair of Grammy Award nominations this week! She was nominated for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for “Just a Dream,” and she and Randy Travis share a nod for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals for “I Told You So.”
“I’m really, really pleased with how everything turned out and, you know, it ended up being the right amount of funny, and of course, the right amount of talent with all the guests I do have comin’ on.”“A couple of my favorite parts in the show…there’s one that’s, like, all about my dog. And I know that probably sounds weird. A lot of my fans know that my dog and I have a very close bond. I love him more than anything in the world. And I’ve always wondered what he thinks, what he thinks about. So we kind of try to answer that question. And Neil Patrick Harris plays the voice of Ace, and they just had a lot of fun with it. And we actually had to kind of tone it down a little bit ’cause they got a little carried away, but it was just a lot of fun, just, you know, kind of seeing Ace come to life.“My mom is another fun part in the show. I’d like to see, like, my dad’s reaction to watching her, actually, ’cause she gets to sing, which…is interesting. I love my mom very much, but I think we partially answer the question of, you know, where I get it from. And it’s not my mother. But she’s really cute, and she had so much fun with it, and everybody’s gonna love her.”


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