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The Weekend Box Office....Hollywood is HAPPY!

Box Office
1.Toy Story 3 (Disney)4,028$109,000,000
2.The Karate Kid (Sony)3,663$29,000,000
3.The A-Team (20th Century Fox)3,544$13,800,000
4.Get Him to the Greek (Universal)2,592$6,100,000
5.Shrek Forever After (Paramount )3,207$5,500,000
6.Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Disney)2,605$5,300,000
7.Killers (Lionsgate)2,619$5,100,000
8.Jonah Hex (Warner Bros. )2,825$5,100,000
9.Iron Man 2 (Paramount )1,612$2,700,000
10.Marmaduke (20th Century Fox)2,495$2,700,000
in millions of dollars


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