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Commentary.....6/25/2010 Jimmy Carter

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Co-President’s of the Senior Class Nashville 2010

In a city filled with stars the two brightest lights are Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill. They are Mr & Mrs Nashville.

They never ran for this office but I appoint them for all their fantastic representation of Nashville and Country Music during Katrina,The Nashville Floods and anything else where good people are needed.

I never really saw this coming as I watched their careers bloom. Together they are such a great model for star parents and career control. (Still think Faith should sing more…but that’s just me)

This week’s Nashville Rising concert and presentation dotted the I’s crssed the t’s for me with their status.

Other stars can be bigger at any point of time but they remain the class, evergreen never the trendy couple. Their art is solid. Their class is everywhere you look. They know how to turn it down and turn it up. We need more of this kind of balance in the world of celebrity.

This week was a big one out of country for Brad Paisley. The proud American Country Music star in England on the BBC TV/Radio and playing 2 sold out shows. Sort of a test week for bigger things in 2011.

Brad can make more fans with little adjustment. If anything you go more PURE country for the Brits. Candy country has always been seen for what it is. POP music! And labeled that way.

The British can out country most of us with deep fans for Randy Travis, Don Williams and Slim Whitman. They go deep catalogue in some parts of the UK. Brad will do well when he spends some more time.

Carrie Underwood’s career management has been spot on target too the last few years. I’m not sure about some of her pop/country music like “Un Do It”. it’s catchy but she has some much more talent than you see on that song.

When I heard her sing Jesus Take The Wheel and How Great Thou Art this week I think I felt the building move. She has youth and power and the skill to use it. Good Luck on balancing the fame and success with family. Looks like she has her head screwed on about all of this. Like Tim and Faith…a pleasant change from so much American celebrity these days…

Festivals all over the Upper Midwest and Colorado this weekend….4th of July Willie Picnic and Aquapalooza in Austin….Oil on the sacred beaches on Florida/Alabama….A memorable Summer….some memories like the Oil best forgotten!


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