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Kenny Chesney & Steve Miller Team Up for CMT's “Crossroads”Musical Hybrid Series Pairs Good Friends for July 9 Debut
Nashville: Kenny Chesney not only name-checked “Rock'N Me” on his signature “I Go Back” from his sextuple platinum I Go Back, but had grown up playing “The Joker,” “Take The Money & Run” and “Rock'N' Me” for tips at Quarterback's Barbeque while a college student figuring out his dream. - and when the man who has sold in excess of a million tickets each of the past eight summers checked into San Francisco's AT&T Stadium in 2008, Steve Miller was the obvious man to invite to share the stage as his very special guest.

     “When you think of great rock & roll, of San Francisco, of coming of age in the '70s and '80s, you think of Steve Miller,” says Chesney. “He defines a sound, a feel, an attitude - and he's one of my very favorite people in rock music.”

     So when Steve Miller was approached by CMT: Country Music Television for their cross-pollinating music series “Crossroads,” the legendary rock-bluesman had only one name on his list: Kenny Chesney. As the iconic Miller explains of his friend, “He is a great performer, a great writer and a great guy to roll with. I'd take him with me or go anywhere, any time in any situation. He's the real deal.”

     With a big smile, Chesney agrees, “When Steve Miller calls, there's only one answer: yes.”

     Coming out of a serious blues and jazz tradition, with musicians from Charles Mingus, Les Paul and T-Bone Walker around his his house growing up, the Steve Miller Band's music is some of the most played in the modern rock era. “Abracadabra,” “Fly Like An Eagle,” “Jungle Love,” “Livin' In The USA” and “The Joker” have helped make Miller one of the most in-demand and consistent touring acts in the world as well as selling over 25 million albums since the early '70s. Miller's brand new blues-influenced 
BINGO! has just arrived in stores to great critical acclaim.

     The pair traded each other's songs and stories at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, then ducked across the ally for another Grand Ole Opry tradition: Tootsies Orchid Lounge. The pair got up onstage and played for another solid hour of covers, their own songs and a few very old country standards.

     “When we did 'Crossroads,' Kenny showed me his town, stepped up to play with me and my band, let me jam wtth his guys, then took me to Tootsies for a glimpse of authentic Nashville,” Miller says of the experience. “Artists this busy usually barely have time for saying hello, Kenny takes the time to get to know you and shares himself.”

     “Honestly, in my career, standing onstage at Tootsies with Steve Miller is one of those every kid with a tip jar fantasy moments come true,” offers Chesney. “He's one of those artists who've really influenced the way I make my music - and I hope that comes out when people see this show.”



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