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POST CMA Festival week Thoughts....

I write this for an industry publication......but here it is:

Now If You Could Just Get All Those People to BUY the Music !
Jimmy Carter in Post CMA Recovery

I’ve been hotter but don’t remember when. I’ve been more exhausted but I can’t remember when. I’ve seen more music but I can’t remember when.
If you have memory loss, weight loss or money loss after the CMA Music festival then you are about normal. If you do the whole thing we are talking 7 days….7 days of walking and sweating above with that memory paramount above almost anything else.
The HEAT has always been a factor but this year it just seemed scalding at times and suffocating at others. Even deadly to one. 400 treated for heat illnesses.
Amazing comes to mind with the Taylor Swift autograph extravaganza. 15 hours of signing when most seem to handle no more than 30 minutes if that.
No one really broke out this year. No Billy Ray,Garth,Taylor,Carrie..not this year. Lady A and Miranda if you have to pick 2 break away for the pack acts.
Tim McGraw was back in a big way but the majority of A listers were not giving any more ground to the new comers.
It’s a big tent right now with Randy Houser, Easton Corbin and Justin Moore on deck as the next big leading men.
Luke Bryan is close to busting out. Lady A is simply a sensation.
Paisley knows how to turn a crowd or a fan club party into a happening. Arrive on a bass boat at the lake for the fan club show…just played hard for the TV LP Field shoot.
Brad’s off to Europe here in a few days for work and play.
Increase in people for the CMA Fest. Very good news for the Nashville economy. People from everywhere…better looking crown than ever. The heat just wore so many down. They looked dazed at many times.
The CMT show was …….highly rated for the first thing. Still you can say it was not the same old award show stuff. It was a little too much Kid Rock but I liked the opening number. Way too much Paula Deen. Way wayyyyy too much Melissa the funny girl who just had an off night…It happens….
The music overall was solid…the comedy…not so much…
7 June…wow…one last thing…the Fontanel Mansion ( Old Mandrell House) is an excellent new tourist attraction going to the down the hill restaurant for lunch today…will let you know


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