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Stroudavarious Records Releases Darryl Worley's
"Keep The Change" To Country Radio 

 Overwhelming Radio and Listener Response Fuels Single Choice
New Single Impacts Country Radio Monday, June 28   

KTC PhotoNashville, TN (June 25, 2010) - Country star Darryl Worley knows how to capture the pulse of America and put it into a song. That couldn't be more evident with his new single, "Keep The Change", which has been receiving overwhelming listener reaction and spreading like wildfire among country radio and their listeners.  The song is already receiving significant airplay in major markets such as Detroit, Tampa, San Diego, San Antonio and Salt Lake City, garnering 20 early adds in advance of the single's official June 28 add date.

With his latest release, Worley displays his ability to take the country's collective pulse as a songwriter and turn it into compelling music as an artist.

"First and foremost, my job as a songwriter is to listen to people and come up with something they'll relate to," says Worley.  And he has certainly done just that with "Keep The Change." The process got started in early May, just after Worley returned from entertaining American troops in Iraq.  He and co-writers Jim "Moose" Brown and Phil O'Donnell sat down to write and were sharing observations of things many people had been relaying to them.

"Touring across this great country, I get to meet a lot of people, many who feel our government has been slipping away from the things in our history that have brought us to this point," he adds. "There's a lot of frustration out there and I think this song is the voice of a lot of those people."

Worley decided to give "Keep The Change" its first test in front of a large audience during his set at the WYCD Hoedown in Detroit.  The response was overwhelming.

"By the time we were halfway through the song, the crowd went nuts," says Worley.

WYCD then played an unfinished version of the song during an on-air interview with Worley the next morning.  The reaction among listeners was the same as it had been among concertgoers.  "Keep The Change" then quickly made its way to several other prominent country radio stations and had already charted from the groundswell of fan support and the excitement among radio professionals.

"This song really releates to the blue collar core in Detroit," says Tim Roberts, OM/PD of WYCD. "Since day one, phones have lit up every time we play it. Our audience wants to get on the air to share their feelings about what's going on in America today and Darryl Worley has given them a voice. It doesn't matter whether you're Democrat or Republican; "Keep The Change" helps to remind us all about the real values that this country was founded on. It's pur patriotism ringing loud and clear from WYCD to our listeners. This is an All-American no-brainer for radio."

"I'm not a real political person," Worley explains, "but I'm a very patriotic person. The best way I can describe this song is to say it's not red or blue, it's red, white, and blue."

"Keep The Change" is the first single from Worley's forthcoming GOD & COUNTRY six-pack (EP), which is scheduled for fall release via Stroudavarious Records.

For more news and information, visit Worley's website at, or at


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