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 Marty Raybon enjoys meeting many of his fans at the CMA Music Fest.

Marty Raybon performs on the WSM Stage entertaining an overflowing crowd with his music old and new..

Marty Raybon visits with Cajun Chef Chappy of Nashville’s Chappy Restaurant and Chappy’s wife, Angel, after Chappy and Marty cooked up some lunch and songs in the Sports Zone of CMA Music Fest.

Marty Raybon:
Smiling, Picking and Cooking
Marty Raybon enjoyed the crowds of the CMA Music Fest with a full schedule of singing, signing, cooking and even a visit with his friend, Charlie Daniels. The grammy award winner was back to back with fans and music on Friday as he visited the Convention Center after an all night drive back from a performance in North Carolina.  Marty kicked things off at his record label, Grand Vista, booth as the fans snaked in and around for several hours waiting for a chance to say hi.  They followed him as he went to visit the Roughstock booth before joining renowned Cajun Chef Chappy  for a little cooking and singing for the festival goers braving the heat outside the hall. 
The afternoon was just as packed as Marty's band met him at the WSM stage for a rousing set of music, new and old, to the delight of the overflowing crowd.  Marty then went back to his Grand Vista Booth to sign and meet with more fans. He stayed until he needed to begin his drive to Texas for two weekend performances.
Marty started the week with a benefit concert for to help with the Nashville Flood Relief.  The next day after some media interviews, Marty made it to the stage to headline the weekly Billy Block Show. Wendesday Marty treated his fans to an upclose and personal time (and great mexican food)  at his fan club party at Nashville's trendy Catino Laredo. After his party, Marty decided to run over to the Charlie Daniels Fan Club to sit in with his fiddlin friend for some more great music.
The songs on “At His Best” reflect real life—the joys and challenges that populate daily existence—and Raybon filters them through his own seasoned perspective. Released on Grand Vista Records, the result is musical journey narrated by a one of the industry’s most musically adventurous souls. A look at Raybon’s tour schedule reveals a busy itinerary that includes every kind of date from bluegrass festivals to church revivals to country concerts. Raybon has sang it all and over the course of his career, and has earned respect from both peers and fans in multiple genres.
Photos: Courtesy of Grand Vista Music.


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