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The SAG Awards..Screen Actor's Guild awards in late January..thought you would enjoy going behind the scenes..the FOOD for the party!!!

Guests will dine on an antipasto plate conceived by James Beard Award-winning chef Suzanne Goin, deliciously prepared and artfully arranged by Lucques Catering, consisting of:

➢    Blood Oranges with Dates, Arugula and Parmesan
➢    Beluga Lentils with Carrots, Pinenuts and Feta
➢    Slow-Roasted King Salmon with Cucumbers, Yogurt and Ginger-Mint Chutney
➢    Slow-Roasted Lamb with Chickpeas, Black Olives and Feta Salsa Verde
➢    Fresh Baked Herbed Crostini with Parmesan, Chopped Thyme and Parsley

To prepare this menu, Lucques order for the SAG Awards® from their select group of purveyors includes:

➢    Butter / 8 cups / Provvista
➢    Capers / 4 cups / Michael Phung
➢    Cheese, feta / 8 lbs / L.A. Specialty
➢    Chickpea purée / 24 gallons / Provvista
➢    Cilantro / 65 bunches / Tamai Farms
➢    Cumin / 2 cups / Provvista
➢    Dates / 1,900 / Devall
➢    Fleur de sel / 5 cups / Forever Cheese
➢    Garlic  / 7 heads / Schaner Farms
➢    Ginger / 3 cups / Pacific Exotic Mushrooms
➢    Honey / 1 cup / Energy Bee Farm
➢    Jalapenos / 75 / Pacific Exotic Mushrooms
➢    Lamb, Colorado / 140 lbs / Premier Meat Co.
➢    Lemons / 175 / Schaner Farms
➢    Mint / 25 bunches / Tamai Farms
➢    Olive oil / 12 gallons / Provvista
➢    Oregano / 11.5 tb / Coleman Farms
➢    Parmesan / 150 lbs / Forever Cheese
➢    Parsley / 175 bunches / Rutiz Farms
➢    Persian cucumbers / 62 / Beylik Farms
➢    Pinenuts / 75 cups / Pacific Exotic Mushrooms
➢    Salmon / 120 lbs / Ocean Jewels
➢    Salt, kosher / 4 cups / Sysco
➢    Shallots / 400 / Schaner Farms
➢    Sherry vinegar / 1.2 gallons / Provvista
➢    Tarragon / 3 cups / Pacific Exotic Mushrooms
➢    Thyme / 5 cups / Rutiz Farms
➢    Yogurt / 2 gallons / Pacific Exotic Mushrooms
➢    Yogurt, Greek / 2 gallons / Pacific Exotic Mushrooms

Some interesting facts from Lucques Catering Director Jessica Goin about the purveyors chosen by Chef Suzanne Goin:

Provvista is a great specialty food company started by Joe Guth, a close friend who cooked with Suzanne at Chez Panisse!

Barbara and Bill Spencer own Windrose Farm a small family farm. They’re really amazing people who grow incredible chilies, heirloom apples, tomatoes, beans, etc. They even came to Suzanne’s wedding.

Another great family farm is Rutiz Farms, owned by Jerry Rutiz. Suzanne describes his carrots in her cookbook, “This exotic spiced snapper dish evolved from the most mundane ingredient in the mix: the everyday carrot. But the carrots that inspired it, grown by local farmer Jerry Rutiz, are by no means ordinary. His funky-shaped, dirt-encrusted carrots are the sweetest and most delicious of any I’ve tasted.”

Alex Weiser, of Weiser Farms is another favorite. He grows the most beautiful romanesco (like cauliflower but fractals) that we’ve ever seen.

Bill Coleman farms Coleman Farms with his (I think) SIX grown children. Romeo Coleman is so handsome we call him the Antonio Banderas of Carpinteria (but not to his face because he’s very shy.)

Schaner Farms – Peter Schaner is probably one of our favorite people in all the world (and I think he beats Bill Coleman by two kids!).  We even held his brother’s wedding at Lucques. We get our suckling pigs from another brother. Peter has incredible citrus, avocados, pomegranates, child raising tips….

 Ocean Jewels is owned by Julie Harman, who we call what else – Ocean Julie. She does amazing work finding great sustainably fished product, it seems like she and Suzanne drive themselves crazy hunting for the most delicious fish that has the smallest impact on the environment. (i.e. are you better off with a local fish that isn’t fished as sustainably or a fish that is more sustainable but has to be flown in?)

Flora Bella Farm is owned by James Birch. Here’s how Suzanne described him in her cookbook: “If you leaned against your sink, closed your eyes, and focused on conjuring up the quintessential organic farmer, James Birch would appear in your kitchen. He looks like a cross between a grizzly bear and an overgrown Little Prince. And he is, in fact, the king of broccoli.”

Beverages for guests include:  

➢    For the tables: 102 magnums of Dry Creek Vineyard’s exclusive 11th Anniversary SAG Awards® Cabernet-based 2008 Cuvée and 204 bottles of Dry Creek Vineyard’s 2009 Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc.
➢    Dry Creek Vineyard’s wine-tasting bars will offer a selection that includes the 2008 Foggy Oaks Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley and the 2007 Sonoma County Heritage Zinfandel. A total of 192 bottles will be available for tasting.
➢    234 magnums of Champagne Taittinger Brut La Française served in the showroom
➢    144 magnums of Champagne Taittinger Brut La Française served in at the post-Awards gala
➢    1548 glass decanters of Voss sparkling and still water served in the showroom
➢    Another 6,720 unbreakable third-liters of Voss still water for our more than 700 media and 300 fans in the bleachers
➢    At the showroom and gala bars: 108 bottles of Grey Goose Original Vodka and 7 bottles each of Grey Goose La Poire, Grey Goose L’Orange and Grey Goose Le Citron


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