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MIRANDA LAMBERT: Exciting Times!

One of country music’s most fabulous ladies, Miranda Lambert, gets married to Blake Shelton this weekend! And as she prepares to walk down the aisle, Miranda is red-hot on the radio with “Heart Like Mine,” a song that definitely captures some of Miranda’s life and heart. The bride-to-be told us not long ago that as she looks ahead to the album that will follow her current Revolution project, she expects that the music will reflect the changes in her life, but above all else, remain completely true to who she is. 
  • In a cover feature for the May issue of Health magazine (out now), Miranda talks about life, career, fitness, and of course, her soon-to-be hubby Blake Shelton, as she told the magazine how she knew that Blake is “the one”: ”The first day I met him, I knew he was really special. We balance each other out. He’s constantly joking, and I’m more serious. He can make me laugh at any point. Especially when I’m trying to be mad, he’ll go, ‘Are we in a fight?’ And then I’ll start laughing and go, ‘I guess not now.’” Laughter is clearly one of the winning components to their relationship…Miranda recently told USA Weekend, “I have laughed more in the last six years than I ever have in my life.” The happy couple will tie the knot this Saturday, May 14th.
  • In a bite from the Prep Site archives, Miranda explains her personal connection to “Heart Like Mine.” 
  • “Heart Like Mine” is the latest blockbuster from Miranda’s ACM and CMA Album of the Year winner, Revolution, home to such favorites as “White Liar,” “Only Prettier,” “The House That Built Me,” and much more.

“I’m gonna keep bein’ myself in my music, keep writin’ exactly what I feel, and keep looking for songs that represent who I am — and I’m different than I was when I recorded Revolution. I’m 27 now, and I’m engaged, and I’m at a different point in my life, so I’m sure the songs will be different. I’m sure the record will have a totally different vibe, but all through all my records, they’ve all had different sounds and different vibes, but they’ve all had one common  thread which was my art and my music, and it all brought it together. So, my main focus is to not get caught up in, ‘Oh my gosh, is this gonna do as well as Revolution? Is this song gonna…is this album gonna live up to it?’ I’m just gonna keep movin’ forward and, you know, I’m really sad, I mean, I’m sad to even start writin’ for a new record. I’m still really attached to Revolution (laughs), but I’m also excited because I have a lot of things I want to say.”

“That’s definitely a look into my world a little bit. Just bein’ a real person and bein’, like, there’s places and…there’s no place for judgment, I guess. I grew up in church, and my mom always says I cut my teeth on a church pew (laughs), but I have also been judged a lot, and probably judged a lot myself. But I feel like there’s nobody to do that except for that Man Upstairs, so I think this song’s just really about embracing who you are and knowin’ that, no matter what, somebody loves you without condition.”

Kenny Chesney brings his red-hot “Goin’ Coastal” Tour to Jax tonight Florida, Greenville friday South Carolina, but wherever Kenny is on stage is kind of like home for him. “It’s where I feel the most comfortable and the most settled in my skin,” Kenny tells us. It’s all about that connection with the fans and everyone there, as he notes, “that’s a very special thing to feel.” (
  • Kenny is new on the radio with the amazing “You and Tequila,” featuring Grace Potter. The song is the latest single from Kenny’s Hemingway’s Whiskey album, which includes three back-to-back number-one hits with ”The Boys of Fall,” “Live a Little,” and “Somewhere with You.”
  • Keep up with the latest dates on Kenny’s tour at
“It’s where I feel the most comfortable and the most settled in my skin is when I’m – oddly enough, I mean, that’s kind of a odd existence to be in front of 20,000 people, and that’s where you feel the most comfortable. (laughs) But that’s where my life is. You know, when I’m up there with my band, and we’re in the zone and playin’ music, and me and the band and the crowd, thousands of people that are in front of us, are all in sync, that’s a very special thing to feel.”


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