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On the East Coast this Saturday.....

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.....Supermodel Niki Taylor and hubby are in line waiting to get some special ice cream....Celebrity Apprentice final Sunday night on NBC.. anyone ever heard of this....???calls for a google search..great looking day in NYC!!!

they have a web site:  The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory offers simple, pure and delicious ice cream.

Production is done only at our two Brooklyn locations in small batches.
The original location, in a landmark fireboat house on
the Fulton Ferry Pier, features one of most sweeping views in America,
the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan skyline & Statue of Liberty.
When we could not make enough ice cream to meet the demand at
our original location, the Greenpoint, Brooklyn factory was opened in 2007.

While the quality of our ingredients and the labor involved
in this delicate process make our ice cream more costly to make,
we still sell it at a very competitive price.

Every classic ice cream treat is made at the highest level -
syrups, sundaes, banana splits, milk shakes and more.  For example, our maple walnut syrup is fresh walnuts and 100% pure maple syrup.  That's it, nothing more. 
Who else does things like that?


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