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Your soldier's finally comin' home 
To you and the kids, the life I've missed  
To no more nights alone, no more
To my little boy's last  baseball game
To my baby girl's first school day
I swear I'll never miss church as  
long as I live
Baby I know it's late  
But please pick up the phone
Your soldier's finally comin' home

I hope and pray when you got lonely, You thought of me and you got proud
I can't believe a year's gone by and all I've done is fight
Oh I can't wait to come back home and Put away my gun,  
Do nothin' but love  
Start again, if we can, where it was

Your soldier's finally comin' home  
To you and the kids, the life I missed
To no more nights alone  
(no more nights alone)
To my little boy's wearin' Daddy pants
My first father-daughter dance
I'm tired and I did here all that   
I can do
Baby I know it's late
Please pick up the phone
Your soldier's finally comin' home

I've seen tears I wish I never saw
Held myself together at times, by a string And a straw
How'd ya' make it with so much to do With us so far apart
And you could feel my heart break every Night without you in my arms
I don't want that no more   
No more, no more baby

Your soldier's finally coming home,
To you and the kids, the life I missed.
To no more nights alone
To wrestlin' round with my little boys
Singin' a lullaby with my baby girl
I'm all packed up and I pray  
You still need me
Baby I know it's late  
Please pick up the phone
Your soldier's finally comin' home


Proceeds From Heart-Tugging Song Written by Azar To Benefit Jared Allen's Homes 4 Wounded Warriors Foundation  

Nashville, TN (May 24, 2011) -- Soulful singer-songwriter, Steve Azar, is once again making an impact across the country with his moving tune, "Soldier Song." The raw and emotional song was written from the heart of the singer, which reflects on the cherished moments when a soldier returns home from war. The touching ballad is set to be used in several upcoming Memorial Day tributes honoring the men and women who defend our nation's freedom.   

This week, the song became available for purchase through iTunes, with portions of the proceeds raised by sales of "Soldier Song" benefiting Jared Allen's Home 4 Wounded Warriors - a non-profit organization designed to build handicap accessible homes for injured U.S. military vets.  

"Soldier Song" will appear during Fox News Network's number one cable news program, "Special Report with Bret Baier," on May 30, airing at 6:00 PM ET. The special segment will air during the hour-long program, honoring soldiers who have suffered the physical and mental devastations of war.  

Additionally, "Soldier Song" will be included in several Memorial Day Tributes throughout Azar's home state of Mississippi, including the syndicated radio show, Super Talk MS, and on various programs airing on ABC television affiliates, WDAM 7, WLBT 3 and CBS' WXVT 15.

"Soldier Song" is a tribute to the men and women overseas and their families left behind, hoping, praying and waiting for the day when they can say to their loved ones, "Your soldier's finally coming home to you and the kids, the life I've missed." The song's inspiration came while Azar was on the road touring heavily with rock legend, Bob Seger. After visiting the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Azar reflected on how soldiers across the world coped with being away from their loved ones, sometimes never knowing when that moment would be that they would be reunited as a family.   

Azar has been a staple in country music for nearly 15 years since breaking onto the scene with his hits, "I Don't Have to Be Me ('Til Monday)" and "Waitin' On Joe." Azar is a passionate singer with a unique gift as one of Nashville's most talented songwriters, having penned a majority of his tunes throughout his stellar career. Most recently, Azar scored his Top 20 hit, "Sunshine," with the song's video also having great success on the country music television networks. His latest single, "Hard Road," is a haunting tune that has given encouragement and hope to many families struggling day to day to get through life. It is the third single from his critically-acclaimed album, Slide On Over Here.

To hear clips of "Soldier Song," visit  A special YouTube video tribute to "Soldier Song" has been posted here: 

Connect With Steve Azar on Facebook and Twitter at:


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