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  • They Drank All The Beer & Caught All The Fish

    March 4, 2011
  • Spring is here and CRS is gone ... What other format puts every artist on its playlist out on the buffet line for tasting?
    Like hogs in the pen wallowing with every artist in a marathon 72 hours or so. The baby acts with the veterans and the wannabees out on the fringes. All the secrecy and whispers and the right credentials. It's like Nashville goes Studio 54. The labels opening their wallets for an orgy of sometimes Country music. You did hear Queen and everything but classic country from many. Did hear about the singing of Tight Fittin Jeans? Conway?
    Lunch, dinner and a late-night smorgasbord of free beer and sonic amazement. But will you spin their music?
    Who was remembered after all this? I heard Ronnie Dunn's name a lot. His music getting buzz is reassuring. Martina was well received. Not sure which baby act impressed enough to get played on the radio. That is the point of this. With some chains playing 17 currents, it is going to be hard to help your old record buddy. The good will die young. Can't be helped.
    To see millionaire Country stars mixing with disc jockeys from Podunk, Kansas just makes your heart warm.
    Meanwhile back on the ranch, the high and higher gas prices are going to screw up something around here. Or a bunch of somethings. $3.50 a gallon ... $100 fill-ups whoa ... fewer concert tickets, or T-shirts or something.
    Thompson Square on Leno Friday was a good grab. Miley on SNL ... Big-reach TV.
    The reach of Country this weekend is impressive. Belgium for Taylor and Australia for Alan Jackson.
    I hope Miranda is okay after canceling Alan J for medical reasons.
    Julianne Hough getting the lead in Rock of Ages is HUGE. Co-star Tom Cruise. And to think we knew her when.
    Trace Adkins on the big screen this month in "The Lincoln Lawyer." He's a biker.
    "Idol" ... Top 10/14 Huge ratings. Crazy show. Too many contestants killed off in one night ... bad TV.
    The 14 left standing ... still too early to say.
    Willie Nelson documentary sounds promising from Billy Bob Thornton. The King of Luck ... ( Willie lives on a hill in Luck, Texas)
    Next stop on the Country calendar is the ACM weekend in Vegas early next month. Some will still be trying to recover from March Madness!
    Congrats to Reba, Bobby and Jean for going into the Hall of Fame.


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