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Ferlin Husky ----December 3, 1925 – March 17, 2011

Country Music Hall of Famer Ferlin Husky died this morning after an extended illness....Merle Haggard once said there was a time no one in the business could follow him..he was the big LIVE act of the day...a great entertainer....and might I add a gentleman. Proud strong solid performer. I liked him very much and his passing comes with great sorrow...The heavens now have another bright star..

Ferlin Husky was considered to be one of the most resourceful and versatile entertainers in the pop-country field. Born near Flat River, Missouri, in a town so small it was prone to be mistaken for a fly-speck by map makers, he left home for a hitch in the Merchant Marines and D-Day found him under forty-eight hours of continuous battle-fire during the invasion of Cherbourg. He was later awarded a citation as "Volunteer Gunner" as a result of his action during the battle. 

After completing service, Ferlin moved to the west coast where he began recording under the name of Terry Preston. "Terry" never quite made it. It wasn't until Ferlin re-released his disc of "Gone", using his real name, Ferlin Husky, (and adding background singers to round out the basic country rhythm) that he hit pay dirt. This time,, "Gone" earned him a coveted gold record, signifying one million sales on the disc. 

Since that time, Ferlin has sold over 20 million records, of which "Gone", Wings of a Dove", "A Dear John letter" and "Country Music is Here to Stay" (alter-ego Simon Crum's contribution) were all gold. 

Ferlin Husky has also made more than eighteen motion pictures, and has had the honor of having his name placed among the greats in the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard. He has played a part in pictures starring such famous Hollywood-ites as the Gabors, Henry Fonda, Mamie Van Doran, Glen Ford, John Carradine and the late Jayne Mansfield, Lon Chaney and Basil Rathbone. 

In the field of television, Husky's memorable appearances on the Kraft Television Theater were highlights of his crowded career, followed by a two-week hitch as CBS's choice for Arthur Godfry's TV and radio replacement. He has made frequent appearances on top-notch shows such as Ed Sullivan, Steve Allen, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, Dean Martin and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Ferlin also had a network show of his own. His road show has literally traveled around the world to Germany, England, Japan, all Canadian provinces and all fifty states. 

Ferlin is still performing - most recently with country star Leona Williams. 


YearAlbumUS CountryLabel
1956Songs of the Home and HeartCapitol
1957Boulevard of Broken Dreams
1958Sittin' On a Rainbow
1959Born to Lose
Ferlin HuskyKing
1960Easy Livin'
Ferlin's FavoritesCapitol
1961Walkin' and a Hummin'
Memories of Home
1962Some of My Favorites
1963The Unpredictable Simon Crum
The Heart and Soul of Ferlin Husky
The Hits of Ferlin Husky
1964By Request20
1965True True Lovin'
1966Ferlin Husky Sings the Songs of Music City, U.S.A.20
I Could Sing All Night18
1967What Am I Gonna Do Now?22
Christmas All Year Long
1968Just for You (and the Hush Puppies)19
Where No One Stands Alone
White Fences and Evergreen Trees44
1969The Best of Ferlin Husky42
That's Why I Love You So Much24
1970Your Love Is Heavenly Sunshine25
Green Green Grass of Home
Your Sweet Love Lifted Me31
1971One More Time35
1972Just Plain Lonely39
1973True True Lovin'ABC
Sweet Honky Tonk
1974Freckles and Polliwag Days44
Champagne Ladies and Blue Ribbon Babies43
1975Foster and Rice Songbook


YearSingleChart PositionsAlbum
US CountryUSCAN Country
1953"A Dear John Letter(w/ Jean Shepard)14singles only
"Forgive Me John" (w/ Jean Shepard)424
1955"I Feel Better All Over (More Than Anywhere's Else)"6
"Little Tom"7
"Cuzz Yore So Sweet" (as Simon Crum)5The Unpredictable Simon Crum
"I'll Baby Sit with You" (w/ His Hush Puppies)14single only
"A Fallen Star"847
"Prize Possession"12
1958"I Will"23
"Country Music Is Here to Stay" (as Simon Crum)2The Unpredictable Simon Crum
1959"My Reason for Living"14"Gone"
"Draggin' the River"11singles only
"Black Sheep"21
1960"Wings of a Dove"112
1961"Willow Tree"23
1962"The Waltz You Saved for Me"1394Some of My Favorites
"Somebody Save Me"16singles only
"Stand Up"28
"It Was You"21
1964"Timber I'm Falling"13By Request
1965"True True Lovin'"46True True Lovin'
"Money Greases the Wheels"48Ferlin Husky Sings the Songs of Music City, U.S.A.
1966"I Could Sing All Night"27I Could Sing All Night
"I Hear Little Rock Calling"17
"What Am I Gonna Do Now"37What Am I Gonna Do Now?
"You Pushed Me Too Far"14Just for You
1968"Just for You"4
"I Promised You the World"2613single only
"White Fences and Evergreen Trees"2518White Fences and Evergreen Trees
1969"Flat River, MO"33
"That's Why I Love You So Much"1611That's Why I Love You So Much
"Every Step of the Way"2123Your Love Is Heavenly Sunshine
1970"Heavenly Sunshine"116
"Your Sweet Love Lifted Me"45One More Time
1971"Sweet Misery"1423
"One More Time"2831
"Open Up the Book (And Take a Look)"45single only
1972"Just Plain Lonely"39Just Plain Lonely
"How Could You Be Anything But Love"53single only
1973"True True Lovin'" (re-recording)3529True True Lovin'
"Between Me and Blue"4675Sweet Honky Tonk
"Baby's Blue"75
"Rosie Cries a Lot"1733
1974"Freckles and Polliwog Days"2636Freckles and Polliwog Days
"A Room for a Boy...Never Used"60
1975"Champagne Ladies and Blue Ribbon Babies"34Champagne Ladies and Blue Ribbon Babies
"An Old Memory (Got in My Eye)"90Foster and Rice Songbook
"She's Not Yours Anymore"74


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