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RCA Records Group Bush Hawg Is Safe
 Armed Forces Entertainment Tour in Japan

NashvilleTN – New RCA Nashville recording group Bush Hawg was on a two-week tour of Japan and Guam for Armed Forces Entertainment when the area was struck by last week’s record 9.0 magnitude earthquake.  The six-man group, consisting of band members Jim Phipps, Russ Caldwell, Craig Hand, Shaun Ames, Alex Wilshire, and Ben Helton, report that they are safe, but were loading in for a performance at Yokota Air Base when the quake registered 5.0 at their base location less than 30 miles from Tokyo.

The band, whose tour was to run from March 6-19, has been sharing some of their experiences via their Facebook page  Temporarily stranded at Yokota, the band was able to assist in preparing barracks for relief workers, with Bush Hawg’s Ben Helton reporting, “This ordeal is terrible, and we were glad to be able to help out in all this.”

Nashville’s Tennessean reported on some of the group’s experiences over the weekend here.

The band has now arrived safely in Guam.

Prior to the disaster, the band had been enjoying a tourist’s-eye view of their journey, with some of their photos online now on their Facebook page.

Bush Hawg is currently in the midst of recording their debut album with multi-Platinum producer Michael Knox, with a release slated for later this year.


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