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Buzz Scares Bosses…Tweet Until You Bore Yourself to Sleep
Jimmy Carter

It’s all too rare…a song, a musical project..a movie that makes you go WOW…That you can’t wait to hear or see again. It’s rare.
Corporate think dumbs down creativity. To say the least.
When you do hear a magic cd or see a really good tv show or film you want to tell your friends about it. That is the media hope surrounding Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
You see something crazy like last night’s American Idol Elimination show and you just have to say something to someone and more often than not lately the vastness and empty world of the internet.
That Casey looked crazy! And boom boom seconds later on Facebook reaction…then debate… On Twitter: I just heard the new Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood song and it burned the speakers down on the radio. The Carrie fans jumped in first seconds later.
The power of the BUZZ scares control freaks in the music, movie, tv world to death. True buzz like rumor can spread very very fast.
Piers Morgan went on a 40 something Twitter tantrum this week against Delta. They hosed him on some flight and he launched the media assault. He has a few hundred thousand followers. Bad Buzz.
Fabricated buzz doesn’t work. People these days have good BS detectors. Or better than they did.
A soft drink company trying to use social media for anything but a contest is silly. People know.
Opinions, feelings, reactions scare the bosses ..terrifies  them.. It is hard to un-ring a bell!
Brad Paisley playing his new cd for me is like Steven Spielberg showing me Private Ryan at a screening room in Glendale a few years ago. It is hard to not like it in the presence of the creators but I have not liked crap many times and wear them on me like a bloody shirt.. Artists proud of their work know when they have done a good job like Brain Wilson knows when he throws a good pitch. He knows. Brad knew he has a great CD out May 24th by the way.
Twitter and Facebook will help sell that music. The Buzz. You just have to put out something worth buzzing about.
Brad and Carrie making electricity on a cd is tweet worthy. Tommy Shaw on the Opry Saturday is tweet worthy.
I’m still hot about the so called 140 people you should follow on Twitter according to Billboard. I tried out at least 30 of those names. What a social register of BORE! Most people are NOT in a position to give an opinion. They are too scared of the reaction to their honest opinion.
PC land is where we live. Political correct . I have never been scared to do that. Or most of the time not scared. Sometime you just don’t say anything.
The following are unfiltered opinions:
Country Music is trying too hard to be hip.
Pushing the format out of bounds.
Most country songs sound like they come from a song factory and are boring.
The great songs stick out and make you scream.
Real country music may be dead but still lives every weekend on the Opry.
Some music sounds best in the car.
Most movies can’t find their ending.
Taylor Swift is a huge star and may not hang around Nashville in the coming years.
Brad Paisley loves cars, tractors, his family and his music is very entertaining on so many levels..
I also think Marty Stuart should be a bigger star than he is.
Jimmy Kimmel is the best TV host now on late night..
Howard Stern bores me 10% of the time. 90% of the time the realness of his show is addictive. He is a troubled genius.

So there. Tweets and opinions can get you in trouble
Twitter: askjimmycarter     They wont let me have anybody else on Facebook…


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