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“Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D”  Opens w $1 Million+ --First 4 Showings Best ALL Major Adult Music Films Entire Runs Except U2 & the Stones

     Los Angeles, CA: After a star-studded Las Vegas premiere - that included friends Morgan Freeman, Matthew McConaughey, Reba, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Dierks Bentley and Jewel -- “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D” arrived in 3D theatres nationwide. Aside from the confusion that the movie is not receiving continual showings and is ONLY being screened in 3D theatres, it's opening night screenings were strong enough to make it the #7 movie in the nation - and by Thursday, it had out-earned all the 3-D films by legitimate music acts except the Rolling Stones and U2.

     “This isn't the same kind of animal as a straight theatrical release,” Chesney said of the film that captured 6 NFL stadium shows on his million+ ticket-selling Sun City Carnival Tour. “And I hate that people didn't understand you had to find the time the film would be shown, and that all theatres are not capable of screening it… because this film is as much about those faces as it is about reliving last year's pretty amazing summer!

     “In spite of that, when the director called to tell us our first night we'd out-performed the entire theatrical showings of some very big acts, I was thrilled. Because it means that the people who came out last summer and over the last 8 years, they wanna remember how good it felt just as much as we do… and they figured out how to get out of the house at very specific times for an unconventional film.”

     Obviously, U2 and The Rolling Stones were in theatres for extended runs - and Chesney's film, which grossed just over 1 million dollars in its first four days. Is currently slated for only one more week in the theatre. With late additions last weekend of Friday night showings and midnight movies, word did not get out to the fans, but somehow people still managed to find the showings.

     “The biggest challenge is helping people understand: you need to see it now. You need to know it's not playing over and over, only at specific times. It is a finite run. But especially, all the fans are pretty amazing to see. As I've said in a bunch of interviews: so many times when I'm in the midst of a show, I'd stop and think, 'I wish they could see how this look and feel what I feel.' To me, the beauty of this movie is now you can - you 
truly can know how it feels on that stage with us.”

     As “Ain't Back Yet,” the end theme from “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D” makes its move towards the top of the charts, the second week of showings gears up to begin again this Wednesday. Locations and tickets for the film can be found at - or fans can go to, where a dollar from 
each ticket purchased will go to the National Parks Conservation Association, via Chesney's association with Nature Valley Granola Bars.

     “It's crazy… seeing how big these shows are, how loud the crowds are, how much this music means to the people,” says the high energy performer. “If someone had told me one day our shows would be a movie - let alone a 3D film - I'd've thought they'd lost their minds. But watching the faces and the band, it's the most natural thing in the world - and I'm so glad it's out there and rocking.”


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