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Worley Whacked in the Head by Flying Road Case!

What started as a harrowing day for country star Darryl Worley trying to get from Nashville to a concert in Miles City, Montana ended with a trip to the hospital and a storm-shortened set, giving new meaning to his hit single "Sounds Like Life To Me."

Darryl arrived home from a show in Chattanooga at 12:30 a.m. yesterday morning and was back up a scant few hours later to catch a 6:00 a.m. flight from Nashville to Billings, Montana and a 140-mile ride to the Southeastern Montana Fairgrounds in Miles City. When he arrived at the Nashville airport, he was informed his plane had been struck by lightning and the flight was canceled. Never one to miss a show, a private jet was arranged to fly him straight to Miles City.

Aside from a lack of sleep, Darryl was ready to put on a show.

He hit the stage just as a large storm blew in. Darryl had just started his second song when a 40-50 mph gust of wind lifted the lid off a road case and hurled it in his direction. Before he had a chance to react, the lid hit his microphone stand and then struck him on the head.

Emergency personnel rushed to the stage and bandaged a gash in his head as well as they could. As he was being transported to the emergency room, Darryl was coherent enough to tell his tour manager, Joe Morris, he would come back and finish the show for any fans who stayed. He received seven stitches at the hospital, signed autographs, took pictures with the staff and headed back to the fairgrounds.

Over 800 people weathered the storm, and true to his word, Darryl returned to the stage and played another 50 minutes for the appreciative audience before the rain and wind finally shut down the show.

Darryl performs at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds in Helena, MT tonight before heading to Detroit for a date at the WYCD Downtown Hoedown on Saturday. His "Sounds Like Life To Me" music video debuted at #6 on GAC's Top 20, and fans can also view the clip at and CMT Pure Country. His debut album for Stroudavarious Records, Sounds Like Life, hits stores June 9, 2009.


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