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On the Road in the Soggy South

More pictures and material coming later today (Sunday)...Just completed a VERY soggy music festival in Montgomery,Alabama.....Montgomery Jubilee Cityfest.... Spent some time with Montgomery Gentry. They are doing some good work with the Wounded Warrior project. Good Men!
Darius Rucker is such a personable guy! Listening to his show last night was so relaxing and fun. He does a few Hoote songs..his new one are fantastic! Smart guy..said he went to see Wolverine on Saturday afternoon since it was raining.
LL Cool J is one really sharp guy! More on him coming up and met the Survivor winner JT...will blog that..he's from my dad's hometown of Samson,Alabama. We talked a lot....Survivor is for REAL a very dangerous show . You never know how much of anything is that case it might be a little TOO real....insane things go on with the contestants....more to to watch INDY 500 1pm Eastern start.....


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