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Adam Gregory from the set of "WWJD"

5/8/09: On The Set Of WWJD
I’m thrilled to inform you all that the filming of WWJD is going so well! It never ceases to amaze me to watch how God is guiding me. This is yet another opportunity and blessing that I’ve been given to be a part of and having the opportunity not only to play a character in a movie with such a strong message, but having the opportunity to work with such gifted and talented actors and actresses is so cool. I would have never thought in a million years that I would get to act let alone jam on the guitar with John Shneider as though we were around a campfire just singing and letting the music play, but it’s become a reality and let me tell you this, he is one of the nicest, coolest guys I’ve met and worked with. Really, every person and every character in this movie or associated with this movie is top notch in my books. I say it like that, because the atmosphere is so laid back and relaxed feeling, and everyone has been super nice, which is not always the case. I’ve heard horror stories of other movie sets, where niceness is not considered in their vocabulary and things get stressful, but that’s not the case here.. I’m having so much Fun!! I’ll talk to you guys soon, I have an early set call tomorrow so I really should be getting some sleep now. Hope you’re all doing well, I miss y’all and I’ll talk to you soon. God Bless!



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