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Jonaspalooza..the real things

They are big!!...The pre sale for their concerts in the weeks ahead blew up the server...Team Jonas continues to have a hard time keeping up with demand.....30 bucks to join the web site/club then you need an access code's a mess....They try...they all try.....
Imagine the Beatles were as hot as they were and began selling concert tickets or anything right now. It would make the Jonas sales pale BUT they are the teenage girls flavor of the moment so here we are.
The review of their Houston rodeo appearance was good. The boy are NOT the Monkees. The have support but do play and sing. Will they stay around more than this Summer. That is always hard to tell. New Disney TV show coming that might help or overexpose.
Overexpose...Taylor Swift is borderline heading in that overexposure direction....She needs some new stories and the ah shucks I've won thing has to go....Believe it Taylor and you are going to get a lot of Grammy noms later this year so get over it now! Great gal..stay that way too please:)


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