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He was Nixon after Nixon but before the latest Nixon

Anthony Hopkins was a great Nixon too...Who would think that "Tricky Dick" would get two world class actors to play him.
I am "thinking" about writing a book...Keyword: THINKING. I would talk about the stars I met for sure. But the names with the places and how a skinny little boy from Alabama could make it to Graceland,The White House,backstage in Vegas,Hollywood and in the cockpit of the supersonic "Concorde" somewhere over the North Atlantic. There's a murder, life and death at a swimming pool and much more. Also,how you act like the little train that could,I think I can.... Just a thought but I've talked to Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King in Selma and
been to the movies with Princess Diana in London.
The murder is a good story...Anyone have any feedback on this idea?


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