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At this point he was just GOOSE

Without looking it up,wasn't Anthony Edwards playing the character "Goose" in Top Gun? I think this picture was even pre-Top Gun. He did take a shot at film until he landed E.R.... Nice enough guy in those days....My hair looks a bit thin LOL.....

Watching CNN,Anderson Cooper.. It's a good show BUT they did a story tonight making AIG execs the subject of some "poor" people's ridicule. 160 million isn't squat to what the feds toss away on everything from handout's to crooked governments around the world to all kinds of welfare for lazy people who will not work.
The AIG gang is guilty and got caught. Sending ACORN people to demonize rich people is a very danegerous class warfare game. This is very dangerous territory. Do we want to become a Socialist country? I dont think so...


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