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The end of March Spring Break Month...

I love technology....since I had a little crystal set radio as a little boy...Picking AM radio signals out of the air...It changed me forever.. I was younger than these late teens/20 something's on the beaches of Brevard County,Fl. this month.
Ipods and Tattoos and texting fill your eyes these days. I do everything but tattoo. Never wanted to stick a needle into anything for any reason but medical.
These kids are probably no different than my class accept for the fact no girl wore than small a bathing suit back in the 70's! And no men wore there swimsuits to their knees... The pierced nipples on a guy was more than I could take.
SO back to the reason I am doing say a few things and pass along some news...depending on how fast we can put these things online....Technology is my friend..Isn't it?


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