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Brad Paisley on GMA with 5 Year Old Drummer

333,000,000 Results on Google!! “Goodbye Earl” and “Boot in Your Ass” don’t even register on the Richter scale when you put Brad Paisley’s “Accidental Racist” in the contest. Cut 14 of 17 on “Wheelhouse” is a tune that will go down in the books. Mean people, educators, gossip bloggers, deep thinkers and morons had two cents or more to put into the discussion. Try it yourself…Google search: Accidental Racist Friday at 9:35am C 333,000,000 results….I typed in Goodbye Earl : 2,450,000 results…let’s try Charlie Daniels: 15,900,000 results…I typed in Brad Paisley and got 199,000,000. The song is more famous than the artist!! This is crazy! I heard this song a month or so before it went public. Brad played it for me. I sat up a little straighter after the first chorus..When LL Cool J popped in I really sat up straight. When it was over I just said out loud, That should get some attention. The understatement of the year. Read the write up in, the Princeton professor of African American Studies Eddie S Glaude, Jr. op ed in NY Times, a few of the LA Times stories.. Some make you think and are really interesting. Others without giving them more unworthy attention were mean and hurtful and way over the top. The song was created with only good intentions. love and compassion and the desire to start a dialogue. Discussion on an issue people all too often walk on egg shells around. And with this blow up rightfully so! Racism is not just the property of the Elites on one side of the issue. The Pill with Loretta and controversial sounds like that came from people with passion on a personal subject. Racism is real and raw. I hope the well intentioned men who created this song stand up proud and take a victory lap. Maybe not a hall of fame song but it’s a honest song and good enough to get the world talking about the intended subject. Mission Accomplished. Another dramatic selection season for the Country Music Hall of Fame! Great news that Kenny Rogers finally makes the grade. Cowboy Jack Clements and Bobby Bare both originals.. I wish they could figure out a way to get a few more than 3 in for several years. Jerry Reed, Ronnie Milsap, Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams,Jr, Johnny Horton, The Oak Ridge Boys, Mickey Gilley,Anne Murray all deserve to be the Hall of Fame…yesterday! Oh yeah, The ACM’s..beat the CMAs in the ratings? My,My. Many reasons from lack of competition, strong network, great line up of performers,etc. Still,don’t expect that to change. CBS and The ACMs have big future plans. Their own ACM Fan Fair CMA Music Festival event in Vegas. They are aggressive and that is only a good thing for Country Music in general. Luke Bryan Entertainer of the Year. WOW. We saw that coming but hearing that name read out was amazing. Maybe a little premature but it happens that way sometimes. I am happy for this energetic entertainer. Love all his songs. Nice Mom too☺


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