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Nascar's Jimmy Johnson jets runs off runway in Key West..

Jimmy was NOT on board..Team owner Hendricks/wife and 2 pilots...everyone is ok. braking issue on landing

Happy Halloween

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A Must Read..from op-Ed NY TIMES..The eulogy for Steve his sister

Op-Ed Contributor
A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs
Published: October 30, 2011

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I grew up as an only child, with a single mother. Because we were poor and because I knew my father had emigrated from Syria, I imagined he looked like Omar Sharif. I hoped he would be rich and kind and would come into our lives (and our not yet furnished apartment) and help us. Later, after I’d met my father, I tried to believe he’d changed his number and left no forwarding address because he was an idealistic revolutionary, plotting a new world for the Arab people.

Opinion: The Genius of Jobs (October 30, 2011)

Even as a feminist, my whole life I’d been waiting for a man to love, who could love me. For decades, I’d thought that man would be my father. When I was 25, I met that man and he was my brother.

By then, I lived in New York, where I was trying to write my first novel. I had a job at a small magazine in an office the size of a closet, with three other aspiring writers. When one day a lawyer called me — me, the middle-class girl from California who hassled the boss to buy us health insurance — and said his client was rich and famous and was my long-lost brother, the young editors went wild. This was 1985 and we worked at a cutting-edge literary magazine, but I’d fallen into the plot of a Dickens novel and really, we all loved those best. The lawyer refused to tell me my brother’s name and my colleagues started a betting pool. The leading candidate: John Travolta. I secretly hoped for a literary descendant of Henry James — someone more talented than I, someone brilliant without even trying.

When I met Steve, he was a guy my age in jeans, Arab- or Jewish-looking and handsomer than Omar Sharif.

We took a long walk — something, it happened, that we both liked to do. I don’t remember much of what we said that first day, only that he felt like someone I’d pick to be a friend. He explained that he worked in computers.

I didn’t know much about computers. I still worked on a manual Olivetti typewriter.

I told Steve I’d recently considered my first purchase of a computer: something called the Cromemco.

Steve told me it was a good thing I’d waited. He said he was making something that was going to be insanely beautiful.

I want to tell you a few things I learned from Steve, during three distinct periods, over the 27 years I knew him. They’re not periods of years, but of states of being. His full life. His illness. His dying.

Steve worked at what he loved. He worked really hard. Every day.

That’s incredibly simple, but true.

He was the opposite of absent-minded.

He was never embarrassed about working hard, even if the results were failures. If someone as smart as Steve wasn’t ashamed to admit trying, maybe I didn’t have to be.

When he got kicked out of Apple, things were painful. He told me about a dinner at which 500 Silicon Valley leaders met the then-sitting president. Steve hadn’t been invited.

He was hurt but he still went to work at Next. Every single day.

Novelty was not Steve’s highest value. Beauty was.

For an innovator, Steve was remarkably loyal. If he loved a shirt, he’d order 10 or 100 of them. In the Palo Alto house, there are probably enough black cotton turtlenecks for everyone in this church.

He didn’t favor trends or gimmicks. He liked people his own age.

His philosophy of aesthetics reminds me of a quote that went something like this: “Fashion is what seems beautiful now but looks ugly later; art can be ugly at first but it becomes beautiful later.”

Steve always aspired to make beautiful later.

He was willing to be misunderstood.

Uninvited to the ball, he drove the third or fourth iteration of his same black sports car to Next, where he and his team were quietly inventing the platform on which Tim Berners-Lee would write the program for the World Wide Web.

Steve was like a girl in the amount of time he spent talking about love. Love was his supreme virtue, his god of gods. He tracked and worried about the romantic lives of the people working with him.

Whenever he saw a man he thought a woman might find dashing, he called out, “Hey are you single? Do you wanna come to dinner with my sister?”

I remember when he phoned the day he met Laurene. “There’s this beautiful woman and she’s really smart and she has this dog and I’m going to marry her.”

When Reed was born, he began gushing and never stopped. He was a physical dad, with each of his children. He fretted over Lisa’s boyfriends and Erin’s travel and skirt lengths and Eve’s safety around the horses she adored.

None of us who attended Reed’s graduation party will ever forget the scene of Reed and Steve slow dancing.

His abiding love for Laurene sustained him. He believed that love happened all the time, everywhere. In that most important way, Steve was never ironic, never cynical, never pessimistic. I try to learn from that, still.

Steve had been successful at a young age, and he felt that had isolated him. Most of the choices he made from the time I knew him were designed to dissolve the walls around him. A middle-class boy from Los Altos, he fell in love with a middle-class girl from New Jersey. It was important to both of them to raise Lisa, Reed, Erin and Eve as grounded, normal children. Their house didn’t intimidate with art or polish; in fact, for many of the first years I knew Steve and Lo together, dinner was served on the grass, and sometimes consisted of just one vegetable. Lots of that one vegetable. But one. Broccoli. In season. Simply prepared. With the just the right, recently snipped, herb.

Even as a young millionaire, Steve always picked me up at the airport. He’d be standing there in his jeans.

When a family member called him at work, his secretary Linetta answered, “Your dad’s in a meeting. Would you like me to interrupt him?”

When Reed insisted on dressing up as a witch every Halloween, Steve, Laurene, Erin and Eve all went wiccan.

They once embarked on a kitchen remodel; it took years. They cooked on a hotplate in the garage. The Pixar building, under construction during the same period, finished in half the time. And that was it for the Palo Alto house. The bathrooms stayed old. But — and this was a crucial distinction — it had been a great house to start with; Steve saw to that.

This is not to say that he didn’t enjoy his success: he enjoyed his success a lot, just minus a few zeros. He told me how much he loved going to the Palo Alto bike store and gleefully realizing he could afford to buy the best bike there.

And he did.

Steve was humble. Steve liked to keep learning.

Once, he told me if he’d grown up differently, he might have become a mathematician. He spoke reverently about colleges and loved walking around the Stanford campus. In the last year of his life, he studied a book of paintings by Mark Rothko, an artist he hadn’t known about before, thinking of what could inspire people on the walls of a future Apple campus.

Steve cultivated whimsy. What other C.E.O. knows the history of English and Chinese tea roses and has a favorite David Austin rose?

He had surprises tucked in all his pockets. I’ll venture that Laurene will discover treats — songs he loved, a poem he cut out and put in a drawer — even after 20 years of an exceptionally close marriage. I spoke to him every other day or so, but when I opened The New York Times and saw a feature on the company’s patents, I was still surprised and delighted to see a sketch for a perfect staircase.

With his four children, with his wife, with all of us, Steve had a lot of fun.

He treasured happiness.

Then, Steve became ill and we watched his life compress into a smaller circle. Once, he’d loved walking through Paris. He’d discovered a small handmade soba shop in Kyoto. He downhill skied gracefully. He cross-country skied clumsily. No more.

Eventually, even ordinary pleasures, like a good peach, no longer appealed to him.

Yet, what amazed me, and what I learned from his illness, was how much was still left after so much had been taken away.

I remember my brother learning to walk again, with a chair. After his liver transplant, once a day he would get up on legs that seemed too thin to bear him, arms pitched to the chair back. He’d push that chair down the Memphis hospital corridor towards the nursing station and then he’d sit down on the chair, rest, turn around and walk back again. He counted his steps and, each day, pressed a little farther.

Laurene got down on her knees and looked into his eyes.

“You can do this, Steve,” she said. His eyes widened. His lips pressed into each other.

He tried. He always, always tried, and always with love at the core of that effort. He was an intensely emotional man.

I realized during that terrifying time that Steve was not enduring the pain for himself. He set destinations: his son Reed’s graduation from high school, his daughter Erin’s trip to Kyoto, the launching of a boat he was building on which he planned to take his family around the world and where he hoped he and Laurene would someday retire.

Even ill, his taste, his discrimination and his judgment held. He went through 67 nurses before finding kindred spirits and then he completely trusted the three who stayed with him to the end. Tracy. Arturo. Elham.

One time when Steve had contracted a tenacious pneumonia his doctor forbid everything — even ice. We were in a standard I.C.U. unit. Steve, who generally disliked cutting in line or dropping his own name, confessed that this once, he’d like to be treated a little specially.

I told him: Steve, this is special treatment.

He leaned over to me, and said: “I want it to be a little more special.”

Intubated, when he couldn’t talk, he asked for a notepad. He sketched devices to hold an iPad in a hospital bed. He designed new fluid monitors and x-ray equipment. He redrew that not-quite-special-enough hospital unit. And every time his wife walked into the room, I watched his smile remake itself on his face.

For the really big, big things, you have to trust me, he wrote on his sketchpad. He looked up. You have to.

By that, he meant that we should disobey the doctors and give him a piece of ice.

None of us knows for certain how long we’ll be here. On Steve’s better days, even in the last year, he embarked upon projects and elicited promises from his friends at Apple to finish them. Some boat builders in the Netherlands have a gorgeous stainless steel hull ready to be covered with the finishing wood. His three daughters remain unmarried, his two youngest still girls, and he’d wanted to walk them down the aisle as he’d walked me the day of my wedding.

We all — in the end — die in medias res. In the middle of a story. Of many stories.

I suppose it’s not quite accurate to call the death of someone who lived with cancer for years unexpected, but Steve’s death was unexpected for us.

What I learned from my brother’s death was that character is essential: What he was, was how he died.

Tuesday morning, he called me to ask me to hurry up to Palo Alto. His tone was affectionate, dear, loving, but like someone whose luggage was already strapped onto the vehicle, who was already on the beginning of his journey, even as he was sorry, truly deeply sorry, to be leaving us.

He started his farewell and I stopped him. I said, “Wait. I’m coming. I’m in a taxi to the airport. I’ll be there.”

“I’m telling you now because I’m afraid you won’t make it on time, honey.”

When I arrived, he and his Laurene were joking together like partners who’d lived and worked together every day of their lives. He looked into his children’s eyes as if he couldn’t unlock his gaze.

Until about 2 in the afternoon, his wife could rouse him, to talk to his friends from Apple.

Then, after awhile, it was clear that he would no longer wake to us.

His breathing changed. It became severe, deliberate, purposeful. I could feel him counting his steps again, pushing farther than before.

This is what I learned: he was working at this, too. Death didn’t happen to Steve, he achieved it.

He told me, when he was saying goodbye and telling me he was sorry, so sorry we wouldn’t be able to be old together as we’d always planned, that he was going to a better place.

Dr. Fischer gave him a 50/50 chance of making it through the night.

He made it through the night, Laurene next to him on the bed sometimes jerked up when there was a longer pause between his breaths. She and I looked at each other, then he would heave a deep breath and begin again.

This had to be done. Even now, he had a stern, still handsome profile, the profile of an absolutist, a romantic. His breath indicated an arduous journey, some steep path, altitude.

He seemed to be climbing.

But with that will, that work ethic, that strength, there was also sweet Steve’s capacity for wonderment, the artist’s belief in the ideal, the still more beautiful later.

Steve’s final words, hours earlier, were monosyllables, repeated three times.

Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them.

Steve’s final words were:


Mona Simpson is a novelist and a professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles. She delivered this eulogy for her brother, Steve Jobs, on Oct. 16 at his memorial service at the Memorial Church of Stanford University.

A video created for a Big Hearted Man at Lake Martin Alabama

Charlie Daniels made Honorary Brig Gen. by Tenn National Guard

Grand Ole Opry's photo Charlie Daniels was just promoted to Brigadier General of the National Guard!
Grand Ole Opry on WhoSay

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Ricky Skaggs Accepts “Entertainer of the Year” Award Among Top Major Categories
Presented Tonight at Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Nashville, Tenn. (October 28, 2011) –The 17th Annual Inspirational Country Music Association’s Faith, Family & Country Awards took center stage tonight at Nashville’s austere Schermerhorn Symphony Center for a presentation of their annual music awards. It proved to be an event that transformed the elegant surroundings into a hometown celebration of pink carpet arrivals, tributes to the lives of Middle Tennessee breast cancer survivors and an evening filled with memorable moments and music with inspirational meaning. This year’s Awards were tied “with pink ribbon” by the Inspirational Country Music Association to a highly publicized humanitarian theme which benefitted the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition.

Hosted by two faces familiar to television audiences -- Inside Edition’s national correspondent anchor Megan Alexander and GAC’s popular entertainment news anchor, Storme Warren, it was an inspirational night focused on the winners—and survivors.

Throughout the television taping before a live audience, a retinue of 136 breast cancer survivors was seated in a special honor section on the Schermerhorn stage. A centerpiece to the night was Ultimate World Fight Champion Rich Franklin who made a unique tribute presentation to the survivors in life –a personal message close to his own heart as the unusual and high profile “macho sport” male advocacy voice for breast cancer awareness. A tribute to Ground Zero heroes brought an equally touching patriotic theme with performances by Lee Greenwood of God Bless The USA and Chuck Day with his self-penned I’ll Stand Up And Say So –selected as a theme of Herman Cain’s current presidential campaign.

Awards were given out in more than twenty categories that included both rising artists and a stellar array of major music industry names in a broad cross section of categories that included entertainer, artist, new artist, song, songwriter, group, duo, musician, radio, radio station, film, and television honors.

Highlights included Ricky Skaggs emotional acceptance of the prestigious Entertainer of the Year Award for 2011. Fitting to the honor, this year of 2011 marks an amazing 50 years of performing—and a memorable 52nd anniversary of Skaggs love affair with bluegrass music—a love story that began for him at age five when he first picked-up his first mandolin back in Cordell, Kentucky. Performing a heart-stirring version of Somebody’s Prayin’ it was a night of double awards for him as he also received top honors from Inspirational Country Music Award voters in the top Musician category.

"I always try to entertain folks with good clean fun and stories from my youth," noted Skaggs in accepting the Entertainer of the Year honor. "I always try to bring the gospel message of hope in Jesus Christ to our shows as well. I think now more than ever, people all over the country need hope. I'm very thankful to have won this award. I certainly look up to all of the people in this category. They are taking the gospel out to the folks who really need to hear it. Thanks again so much. It means a lot to me," he concluded.

Other major wins of the night included Lady Antebellum’s Hello World, in the Video category. Noted Dave Haywood of Lady A on their award: "This was a really emotional song and definitely the most dramatic video we've ever made. We are honored with the recognition from the Inspirational Country Music Award voters and we just appreciate the support of our fans. We want to give a shout out to Roman White, who directed this video and created such a powerful visual story for our song...big thanks to him as well."

Big Machine Label Group’s rising new superstar Justin Moore proved a winner with this year’s voters with Mainstream Inspirational Country Song honors being award to If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away. “This song is a gift from God,” he noted in acknowledging the honor. “I can’t think of a better way and a better place to win my first ever award so thank you very much and God bless you guys.”

Jeff Bates proved equally strong as a mainstream contender as he walked the Schermerhorn stage to receive Mainstream Country Artist top honors. Film honors went to Soul Surfer -- the dramatic true story of young surfer Bethany Hamilton’s deep encounter with God after losing her arm in a shark attack at the age of 13. Directed by Sean McNamara, who also co-wrote the screenplay with collaborative writer Deborah Schwartz, McNamara was at the Schermerhorn to accept the award.

An emotional highlight of the evening was the naming of The Fox Brothers as the recipient of the coveted Legend/Pioneer Award.

The brotherhood trio of Roy, Randy and Lynn Fox are true representatives of the unique blend of Christian and country music. Growing up the brothers honed their harmonies and genius for entertaining an audience in the revival and church service world of their childhood in rural Tennessee. With success in southern gospel, The Fox Brothers expanded their reach to become one of the industry’s most beloved performing groups. They have a unique history leading up to tonight’s honor. The Fox Brothers have previously been twice honored as “Entertainer of the Year” (2000-2001) by Inspirational Country Music Association voters who also deemed them “Vocal Group of the Year” through eight consecutive wins.

More than a dozen major performance dotted the evening—including those by The Roys, Lathan Moore, Joey + Rory, Buddy Jewell, Guy Penrod, The Isaacs, Laura Dodd, and Lucas Hoge.

The presentation of the Inspirational Country Music Awards Show from Nashville were streamed live on a custom URL ( where music fans pre-accessed tickets to view the night’s online awards ceremonies.

Major Inspirational Country Music Award Category winners announced were:

Entertainer of the Year: Ricky Skaggs

Mainstream Country Artist: Jeff Bates

Video Award: Hello World – Lady Antebellum

Inspirational Bluegrass Artist: The Roys

Legend/Pioneer Award: The Fox Brothers

Mainstream Inspirational Song: If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away –Justin Moore.

Inspirational Country Song: I’ll Stand Up And Say So—Chuck Day

Male Vocalist: Chuck Day

Female Vocalist: Kali Rose.

Vocal Duo: Joey + Rory

Vocal Group or Band: Sunday Drive

Songwriter: Russ Murphy

New Artist: Chuck Hancock

Musician: Ricky Skaggs

Comedian: Johnny Lee Cook

Youth In Music: Renee Spencer

Music Evangelist: Johnny Lee Cook

Radio Personality: J. R. Pitsenbarger

Radio Station: WCWV—Summersville, WV

Television Network: Daystar TV

Faith & Family Movie: Soul Surfer

The 2011 Inspirational Country Music Awards continue as the highpoint finale of Inspirational Country Music Week, an annual event presented by the Inspirational Country Music Association. This year’s schedule which ran October 24-28th in Nashville, was as in past years, a major drawing event across a broad cross section of industry, music fans, broadcast media, and artists in a well-orchestrated showcase of music, conference scheduling and seminar related activities.

Produced by Graham Bustin, the 17th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards presentation will air on several networks this year. Already set to air the telecast:
Very Sad….How is Change Working Out for You?
Jimmy Carter

My hands and keyboard feel very restrained as this dark week in radio concludes. Change can be very difficult. I am not letting my feelings pour out here so as I don’t have a Hank Jr moment of too much truthfulness.
I can’t say I know anyone who hasn’t lost their job at one time or another. It can come as a shock or come like slow motion when a company simply is sold or goes out of business. Doesn’t really matter. Losing a job hurts. The shock and sadness combined with everyone asking how are you doing?
I’m feel very sad on this rainy Nashville day for those who lost a job and in some cases a career this week.
I’m sad for the families and the lack of alternatives right now in the country due to the economy. Not a time for advice. Just a time to say,been there done that. Comes with the territory. It hurts and it will hurt and you will mourn and then it will get better. Just try not to make the situations worse. NETWORK please. All Access is a Godsend at times like this…
Otherwise Mrs. Lincoln, How was the play?
My long time of nearly 40 years Lionel Richie is coming the the CMA and that should be a true highlight. He is so talented. Nov 9 on ABC .
ABC is doing an excellent job promoting the show. The on air commercials with Brad and Carrie are the best of any award show.
Miranda,Toby,Martina all have new projects out and have loaded up the tv/radio shows this week. DWTS and Martina , Toby on Fox and Huckabee.
Red Solo Cup is about to get the GLEE treatment November 15th. Who knows what happens to that song after that!!
Jimmy Buffett on Hawaii 5-0 in November. TV gets more and more important.
Music is getting the feature treatment on many shows this fall. Country not so much but Music Row needs more awareness in Hollywood
Lonestar,Alabama and The Mavericks are back together for new tours in 2013. How cool is that?
Happy Happy Birthday to the Great Charlie Daniels Number 75!!!!!!Brad Paisley is ripe old age of 39.
Two of country music’s best EVER!

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Country Music Hall of Famer Not Slowing Down

Nashville, TN (October 27, 2011) – Although country great George Jones celebrated his 80th Birthday last month, he won’t need a rocking chair anytime soon. “The Possum” is keeping busy with 35 shows scheduled to date throughout the U.S. and Canada from now through November 2012. As Jones sings, “I don’t need a rocking chair…I do my rockin’ on the stage, you can’t put this possum in a cage.”

Jones said, "I'm always excited to get back out on the road and we're working up new shows and new songs. I'm feelin' great and givin' the road hell!"

George Jones, often referred to as the “the greatest living country singer,” first hit the charts in 1955 with his hit “Why Baby Why” and has since garnered over 140 more while touring extensively. Fans can see the star perform hits such as “White Lightning,” “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” ”Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” and “I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair” throughout North America on initial tour dates listed below.


Oct. 28 – Elkhart, IN – Lerner PAC

Oct. 29 – Waukegan, IL – Waukegan, IL

Oct. 30 – Green Bay, WI – Oneida Casino

Nov. 18 – Beckley, WV – Convention Center

Nov. 25 – Ft. Smith, AR – Convention Center

Nov. 26 – Texarkana, TX – Perot Theater

Dec. 2 – Grand Berry, TX – Rio Brazos Live

Dec. 3 – Fulton, MS – Community College

Dec. 17– Tulsa, OK – Osage Casino


Feb. 3 – Huntington, WV – Big Sandy Superstore Arena

Feb. 4 – Tunica, MS – Sam’s Town

Feb. 9 – Daytona Beach, FL – Peabody Auditorium

Feb. 10 – Melbourne, FL – King Center

Feb. 17 – Wabash, IN – Honeywell Center

Feb. 18 – Columbus, OH - TBA

Feb. 24 – Reno, NV - TBA

Feb. 25 – Wendover, UT - TBA

March 1 – Pendelton, OR - TBA

March 2 – Shelton– WA - TBA

March 3-4 – Lincoln City, OR - TBA

March 23 – Metropolis, IL - TBA

March 24 – Peoria, IL – Peoria Civic Center

April 20 – Mahnomen, MN – Shooting Star Casino

April 21 – Deadwood, SD – Deadwood Mountain Grand Casino

May 10 – 20 – Canada - TBA

June 3 – Lancaster, PA – American Music Theater

July 27 – 28 – Pigeon Forge, TN – Country Tonight

Aug.17 – Savannah, GA – Johnny Mercer Theater

Aug. 18 – Durham, NC – Durham PAC

Sept. 22 – Myrtle Beach, SC – Alabama Theater

Oct. 12 – Branson, MO – The Mansion Theatre

Oct. 13 – Renfro Valley, KY – Renfro Valley Entertainment Center

Nov. 9 – Branson, MO – The Mansion Theatre

Nov. 23 – Winnie, TX – Nutty Jerry’s Winnie Arena

Nov. 24 – Bossier City, LA – Horseshoe Casino

George Jones is the #2 best-charting country artist of all time, with a staggering list of hit singles in every decade since the ‘50s. Jones also has 143 Top 40 hits to his name, two Grammy Awards, is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and holds a National Medal of Arts. At 80, Jones continues to be an active country music superstar, headlining dozens of concerts each year. Visit

Friends to hit the stage to celebrate Charlie Daniels’ 75th Birthday Saturday

Opry returns to Ryman Auditorium for the winter Tuesday with Rascal Flatts and more

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (Oct. 27, 2011) Keith Urban sang his hits for a sold-out Opry House audience Tuesday night, and the audience sang right back. After the CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee performed his first song of the night, “Sweet Thing,” fans who were gathered near the stage serenaded the superstar with “Happy Birthday” in honor of his birthday on Wednesday. Urban concluded his Opry set with “Making Memories of Us” and “Where the Blacktop Ends.” The superstar is scheduled to return to the Opry twice next month.

This Sat., Oct. 29 Opry member and country music/Southern rock stalwart Charlie Daniels will be celebrating his 75th birthday at the Opry with birthday shows including the guest of honor as well as Opry member Clint Black plus special guests The Grascals, Lee Greenwood, Gretchen Wilson, and more. Fans at home can celebrate Daniels’ birthday early by visiting the Opry’s YouTube channel, this week including a special playlist of Daniels’ Opry performances.

The Opry returns to its most famous former home, the historic Ryman Auditorium, for a three-month winter run beginning Tues. Nov. 1. Newest Opry member Rascal Flatts will be performing along with the most tenured Opry member, Little Jimmy Dickens, as well as special guests Rodney Atkins, Edens Edge, Phil Vassar, and more.

The Grand Ole Opry® is presented by Humana®. Opry performances are held every weekend of the year, and the Tuesday Night Opry continues through Dec. 13. To plan an Opry visit, call (800) SEE-OPRY or visit

Erin Andrews and The Spartan

Vince Gill on Today


Nashville, TN (The Martina McBride Fan Club) Oct 27, 2011 - Martina McBride
Fan Club members inspired by her current release, "I'm Gonna Love You Through It",
gathered in Nashville, TN, on Oct 15 to walk for the cause of breast cancer research.

Fan club members from around the country united during the months of August and
September to train and walk in The American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against
Breast Cancer 5 Mile Walk", which happened at L.P. Field. They were joined by breast
cancer survivors from the video for Martina's song, which is about a young woman newly
diagnosed with breast cancer. Some 18,000 were estimated to have participated in the walk.

Members of the team included Taira Baughman, from Mt. Juliet, TN, who is a breast cancer
survivor and mother of four children. The team was organized and led by captains Sheila Jones
and Amy Schmidlein and by Martina McBride Fan Club Director, Tracy Weaver.

The team exceeded their fundraising goal of $11,111.11, in honor of McBride's newly released
album entitled "Eleven". John and Martina McBride in turn matched the team's effort.
The team raised a grand total of $22,383.19 to help The American Cancer Society's breast cancer
research programs and services.

In honor of the team's effort to reach their fundraising goal, three team members, including one
woman, shaved their heads to show unity with those suffering from cancer. The team can be
contacted at

Young Sings "Don't Close Your Eyes" On GAC's "Opry Live" - October 29

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- October 27, 2011 - 2011 CMA New Artist of the Year nominee Chris Young recently showcased a piece of music history in a taped appearance at the Grand Ole Opry where he played a guitar once owned by the late Keith Whitley. Young, a fan of the iconic singer, acquired the Sigma by Martin - one of Whitley's three primary guitars - from Music City Pickers, a company that buys and sells vintage musical instruments. The company's founders, #1 hit singer/songwriter Brady Seals and former Gibson Guitars web editor Gabriel Hernandez, discovered the instrument on a buying trip to Lexington, Kentucky, in early August.

"Keith Whitley has always been one of my musical heroes, so to get the chance to hold a piece of history in my hands and play his guitar on the Opry stage was beyond awesome," shared Young.

Tune in to Great American Country ( GAC) "Opry Live" on Saturday, October 29 as Young performs his recent hits "You" and "Tomorrow" in addition to Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes," on the fabled guitar, airing at 9 pm ET on GAC.

Music City Pickers maintains an ever-evolving array of vintage and newer high quality instruments for sale. To view the current collection, visit the Music City Pickers website at

Throughout his highly successful but unexpectedly brief career, country music legend Keith Whitley played several different guitars. But during his remarkably historic run as mainstream country music’s top superstar from 1984 to 1989, Whitley performed primarily with just three guitars – a Martin acoustic, a Fender Telecaster, and a Sigma by Martin acoustic/electric he used live on numerous occasions throughout the final two years of his life.

The Martin acoustic and Fender Telecaster are both owned by private collectors and have been displayed on occasion at several museums throughout the southeast since Whitley’s death. The Sigma by Martin acoustic/electric, however, remained in the hands of a family friend and fellow musician, Earl Watkins – until now.

Watkins, who owned the famed Circle H Saloon just south of Lexington, Kentucky, until his retirement in 2007, met Whitley during the mid 1970s. They became close friends, playing bluegrass and country music together at the Circle H almost every weekend long into the early morning hours. Even after Whitley’s meteoric rise to fame and fortune in the 1980s, Whitley still made it a point to visit Watkins and the Circle H every time he passed through the area. It was during one of those visits in 1987 that Whitley asked Watkins about an old Fender Telecaster being played by one of Watkins’ band mates, Jerry Fannin. Whitley liked it so much he offered to trade his Sigma by Martin SE-36 acoustic/electric for the old Tele. Fannin agreed and the trade was made. Not long after that, Watkins purchased Whitley’s guitar from Fannin for $500. Watkins kept the guitar safely stored away until eventually giving it to his daughter Jeanne. During Music City Pick ers' recent event in Lexington, Jeanne received permission from her dad to sell the guitar, a deal was made and Music City Pickers became the new owners of this iconic instrument.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Music City Pickers is the creation of country music superstar Brady Seals (of Little Texas and Hot Apple Pie fame) and former Gibson® Guitars’ web editor Gabe Hernandez. The two met while researching the history of a guitar that Seals owned and became fast friends, bonding over their appreciation for vintage musical instruments. Seals and Hernandez are out to make Music City Pickers the world’s No. 1 trading destination for the buying and selling of fretted musical instruments specializing in vintage acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, resonators and banjos, but also including vintage electronic pianos and keyboards, old saxophones and trumpets, vintage European accordions and old harmonicas. They’ll provide fair pricing, vast expertise and an easy and safe environment in which to sell instruments.

2011 has been an amazing year for Chris Young, with recent nominations including: CMA New Artist of the Year, three American Country Awards, and his first GRAMMY® nod, in addition to four national TV appearances. With his rich, warm baritone and penchant for writing relatable, slice-of-life songs, Young has emerged as both a critic and fan favorite. In the last few months, Young has celebrated GOLD selling status for both his sophomore album The Man I Want To Be, and smash single "Tomorrow" from the brand new album NEON. His latest single and follow up to four consecutive #1s, “You”, is screaming up the charts. Young has been out on the road most of this year on Jason Aldean’s “My Kinda Party Tour”. Miranda Lambert has selected Chris as her special guest for her tour “On Fire” starting in January 2012. For tour dates and all the latest information on C hris Young, visit and follow him on Twitter @ChrisYoungMusic.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trace Adkins Burned Out Home Leveled...

It’s official. Multi-platinum country music group LONESTAR has reunited with original lead singer Richie McDonald and will tour and record a new album in 2012 to mark their 20th anniversary.

The first concert dates for the band’s four original members--keyboardist Dean Sams, drummer Keech Rainwater, lead guitarist Michael Britt and McDonald--will take place overseas February 26-March 4 (see tour itinerary and artist quotes below). Armed with an array of their classic songs including “Amazed”--a #1 country and #1 pop hit that kicked the doors wide open for country music at pop radio in the ‘90s--LONESTAR will perform in London (Wembley Arena), Belfast, Ireland (Odyssey Arena), Zurich, Switzerland (Hallenstadion) and Mannheim, Germany (SAP Arena) on a multi-artist bill with Reba McEntire, Ricky Scaggs and Little Big Town. Stay tuned for news about 2012 tour dates in North America.

The buzz about LONESTAR began yesterday (October 25) when the band sent a Tweet which read: “Big news for Lonestar fans coming tomorrow! 2012 marks our 20th anniversary. What would you like to see and hear from us?”

The Texas-bred band, known for merging their country roots with strong melodies and rich vocals, has amassed RIAA-certified sales in excess of 10 million album units since their national launch in 1995 and achieved 10 #1 country hits including “No News,” “Come Crying To Me” and “Amazed.” The band’s awards include a 1999 ACM Single of The Year for “Amazed” (the song also won the Song of the Year award) and the 2001 CMA Vocal Group of the Year. After McDonald left the band for a solo career in 2007, LONESTAR toured and released their 10th album in 2010, Party Heard Around The World, with lead vocalist Cody Collins. The band wishes Cody the best in his future musical endeavors.

LONESTAR is excited to celebrate their 20th anniversary, open a new chapter and record a new album (label TBA). Here’s what the band has to say:

Richie McDonald: “Well, five years has come and gone since I left Lonestar. We've all tried other avenues and the fact remains that some things were just meant to be. With the Lonestar 20 year reunion approaching, Dean, Michael, Keech and I got together and have decided we have some unfinished business to take care of. I miss those crazy nights running around on stage making music with my band of brothers. Looking forward to a new chapter in the book of Lonestar and reliving some old memories and also making some new ones for the fans that have been loyal to us through thick and thin. See ya soon, God Bless, Richie.”

Dean Sams: "With 2012 in the near future, we all began thinking of what that meant to us as a band. 2012 is a huge landmark for us, marking 20 years of great music and friendship. It was seeing this milestone that began conversations about the legacy of Lonestar. The music we've created over the years, along with all of the fans we have made along the way, is something we have never taken for granted. We have so much more music to offer the country music fans, and truly feel they want us back on the radio and out on the road performing live for them. After a lot of soul searching and long conversations between all of us involved, we are energized and excited to be writing and recording new music together again!"

Keech Rainwater: “I think fans ultimately wondered if this was ever going to happen again and it always seemed like the original Lonestar as a whole was better than the sum of its parts. With Richie back in the band, fans can enjoy new music and again experience the sound they are used to hearing at our shows. Lonestar has always been very serious about the music we put out. I am excited to see and hear what comes out of this reunion and upcoming album. I think that having a break for a while, will have sparked new ideas and great music, both live and in the studio. Lonestar music seems to strike a chord with fans from all around. More specifically, ‘Amazed’ and ‘I'm Already There’ seemed to have changed people’s lives in one way or another. The thought of continuing that tradition and moving forward is very exciting.”

Michael Britt: “I’m very proud of everything we've achieved in our career so far, doing things that not many bands have been able to do. But even after all that we've done, I think we still have a powerful drive to keep making music and doing new things. In this case, doing a new thing is going to be getting back to where we started and hopefully taking Lonestar someplace new while giving our longtime fans and friends the familiar sound they know as Lonestar. I'm excited about the opportunity to celebrate our 20 years together this way and hope there are many more to come.”





London, England

Wembley Arena


Belfast, Ireland

Odyssey Arena


Zurich, Switzerland



Mannheim, Germany

SAP Arena

Known both for their strong country roots as well as their multi-genre crossover appeal that’s led to a history of success on the pop/rock charts, LONESTAR has only their own career records to break. To date, the band has RIAA certified sales in excess of 10 million album units since their national launch in 1995. The Texas-bred band has had an impressive list of hit singles on the country charts, including ten #1’s as well as nine Top 40 songs on the pop charts. Signature songs in the mid-90’s included early #1 hits such as “No News,” and “Come Cryin’ To Me.” Their 1999 album release, Lonely Grill, produced Lonestar’s biggest crossover smash to date, the ballad “Amazed,” which spent eight weeks at the #1 spot on the country charts as well as reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The dual win made them the first country act since Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton’s “Islands In the Stream” in 1983 to accomplish this career milestone. Three more singles from the band (“Smile,” “What About Now,” and “Tell Her”) followed to #1 as the Lonely Grill album was certified multi-platinum. LONESTAR dealt listeners a follow-up platinum hand with the release of their I’m Already There album (2001) with the title track lead-off single spending six weeks at #1 as the album was on the way to platinum certification. In addition to garnering music accolades, LONESTAR has been oft-lauded for their continuous outreach in the arena of humanitarian goodwill. The band was recognized by The Academy of Country Music with the coveted Home Depot Humanitarian Award in 2003 for their continued commitment to help build the dreams of those in need—this in recognition to the group’s single handed dedication to the building of a playground for children in tornado ravaged Jackson, Tennessee. America’s military forces have been a major focus for concert and fund raising efforts by the band as has St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, to mention only a few of their ongoing humanitarian interests.
Oct. 26, 2011

Lionel Richie to Debut Songs from His Highly Anticipated Country Duets Album— Tuskegee—
on “The 45th Annual CMA Awards” to be Aired Live on November 9, 2011

NASHVILLE, TN— International icon Lionel Richie will release Tuskegee, his much-anticipated country duets album, in March on Mercury Nashville, after debuting songs on the national broadcast of the 45th Annual Country Music Association Awards, airing live Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on the ABC Television Network.

During the broadcast Richie will perform select duets of his runaway hits with Little Big Town, Darius Rucker and Rascal Flatts.

Surpassing his creative and personal boundaries, Richie comes full circle with the innovative and personal Tuskegee, performing 13 of his most revered “anthems of our day” with some of the biggest names in country music, including Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington, Little Big Town and Jason Aldean.

On this worldwide, multi-genre album, Richie is also joined by the likes of such superstars as Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson and Jimmy Buffett.

Tuskegee is an exciting and transcendent arc in a career that has seen album sales of more than 100 million, 22 Top 10s, five Grammys, an Academy Award for Best Original Song, a Golden Globe, and a host of other awards from virtually every major entertainment organization.

While defying boundaries and breaking barriers throughout his storied career, Richie reveals once again that Tuskegee will join the ranks of his timeless body of work that touches people of all faiths, ages and demographics across the world.

“As my songwriting progressed, I realized that my songs perfectly translated to the country genre,” says the living legend as he taps on the keys of the piano in his state-of-the-art recording studio.

It was when Conway Twitty sang “Three Times a Lady” along with songs such as “Lady” and “Deep River Women” that Richie knew country music was clearly omnipresent in the lyrics he wrote.

“I was born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama. I am a country boy and proud of it. To do this project just felt natural,” says Richie.

“Growing up with country, R&B, gospel, and classical music from my grandmother and pop, Tuskegee was the perfect melting pot for my influences as a writer,” he says, “and the title, Tuskegee, is a validation of my growing up there—the place I call home.”

Envisioning and bringing Tuskegee to life with such grace and passion has been a rewarding, revelatory time for Richie.

“What began as a collaboration of talented people ended up being a great group of friends getting together to make great music,” says Richie.

“Tuskegee is a state of mind as it is a place,” he adds, “…a place of possibility, hope, promise, self-empowerment, and where dreams come true.”

Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee Track-Listing:

“You Are” with Blake Shelton
“Say You, Say Me” with Jason Aldean
“Stuck On You” with Darius Rucker
“Deep River Woman” with Little Big Town
“My Love” with Kenny Chesney
“Dancing On The Ceiling” with Rascal Flatts
“Hello” with Jennifer Nettles
“Sail On” with Tim McGraw
“Endless Love” with Shania Twain
“Just For You” with Billy Currington
“Lady” with Kenny Rogers
“Easy” with Willie Nelson
“All Night Long” with Jimmy Buffett


NASHVILLE, TN- International icon Lionel Richie will release Tuskegee, his much-anticipated Country duets album, in March on Mercury Nashville, after debuting songs on the national broadcast of "The 45th Annual CMA Awards," airing live Wednesday, Nov. 9 (8:00-11:00 PM/ET) on the ABC Television Network.

During the broadcast Richie will perform select duets of his runaway hits with Little Big Town, Darius Rucker, and Rascal Flatts. Richie is no stranger to the CMA Awards stage. In 1984, Richie performed "Lady" with Kenny Rogers and in 1986, he performed "Deep River Woman" with Alabama.

"Twenty-five years is too long to wait and we are thrilled to have Lionel back on the CMA Awards stage performing alongside our superstar acts," said CMA Chief Executive Officer Steve Moore. "This is what the CMA Awards are known for. Those one-of-a-kind collaborations you don't want to miss because everyone will be talking about it the next day."

"The 45th Annual CMA Awards" is hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood and features performances by Jason Aldean, The Band Perry, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Sara E vans, Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Scotty McCreery, Blake Shelton, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Thompson Square, Keith Urban , Chris Young, Zac Brown Band, plus Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter singing their hit collaboration "You and Tequila," Rascal Flatts and Natasha Bedingfield singing their current hit duet "Easy," and co-hosts Paisley and Underwood in their first live televised-performance of their No. 1 song "Remind Me."

Surpassing his creative and personal boundaries, Richie comes full circle with the innovative and personal Tuskegee, performing 13 of his most revered "anthems of our day" with some of the biggest names in Country Music, including Aldean, Chesney, Billy Currington, Little Big Town, Tim McGraw, Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, Rascal Flatts, Rucker, and Blake Shelton. On this worldwide, multi-genre album, Richie is also joined by the likes of such superstars as Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, and Jimmy Buffett.

Tuskegee is an exciting and transcendent arc in a career that has seen album sales of more than 100 million, 22 Top 10s, five Grammys, an Academy Award for Best Original Song, a Golden Globe, and a host of other awards from virtually every major entertainment organization.

While defying boundaries and breaking barriers throughout his storied career, Richie reveals once again that Tuskegee will join the ranks of his timeless body of work that touches people of all faiths, ages and demographics across the world.

"As my songwriting progressed, I realized that my songs perfectly translated to the Country genre," says the living legend as he taps on the keys of the piano in his state-of-the-art recording studio. It was when Conway Twitty sang "Three Times a Lady" along with songs such as "Lady" and "Deep River Women" that Richie knew Country Music was clearly omnipresent in the lyrics he wrote.

"I was born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama. I am a country boy and proud of it. To do this project just felt natural," says Richie.

"Growing up with Country, R&B, gospel, and classical music from my grandmother and pop, Tuskegee was the perfect melting pot for my influences as a writer," he says, "and the title, Tuskegee, is a validation of my growing up there-the place I call home."

Envisioning and bringing Tuskegee to life with such grace and passion has been a rewarding, revelatory time for Richie.

"What began as a collaboration of talented people ended up being a great group of friends getting together to make great music," says Richie.

"Tuskegee is a state of mind as it is a place," he adds," a place of possibility, hope, promise, self-empowerment, and where dreams come true."

Lionel Richie's Tuskegee Track-Listing:
"You Are" with Blake Shelton
"Say You, Say Me" with Jason Aldean
"Stuck On You" with Darius Rucker
"Deep River Woman" with Little Big Town
"My Love" with Kenny Chesney
"Dancing On The Ceiling" with Rascal Flatts
"Hello" with Jennifer Nettles
"Sail On" with Tim McGraw
"Endless Love" with Shania Twain
"Just For You" with Billy Currington
"Lady" with Kenny Rogers
"Easy" with Willie Nelson
"All Night Long" with Jimmy Buffett

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The First-Ever LouisiBama Gumbo Bowl – Enter or Just Enjoy! Join us for the festivities as the world’s biggest bowl of gumbo is cooked up right in front of Bryant-Denny Stadium before the
Alabama/LSU football game on Nov. 5. Proceeds from this culinary event will benefit local charities. To purchase your tickets, visit
The day’s events will also feature the Gumbo Bowl Tailgate Cook-off, a highly competitive gumbo cooking competition sponsored in part by the Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission and Lodge Manufacturing. Four LSU fans and four Alabama fans will square off over their Lodge cast-iron pots in a heated culinary battle for gumbo supremacy. The winner will take home the coveted Gumbo Bowl Tailgate Cook-off Grand Champion trophy. Are you ready to compete?
Send your gumbo recipe and cooking directions along with your contact information to and you may be chosen to compete.
Gumbo Bowl Tailgate Cook-off CONTEST RULES
1. Recipes must be submitted via email to by Sunday, October 30, 2011 at midnight CST.
2. Entry must provide recipe title, ingredients list, and directions plus entrant’s name, telephone number, and e-mail address.
3. The four competitors will be notified of their qualification by Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011.
4. Each competitor must create a seafood gumbo.
5. All competitors will be provided with a list of available ingredients in advance.
6. All seafood ingredients provided must be used in the gumbo.
7. All ingredients, utensils, stoves, etc. will be provided.
8. Each competitor is allowed to have one assistant on-site.
9. Each competitor is allowed one mystery ingredient. (This can be any food item: spice, sausage, meat, etc.)
10. Judges will be selected by Chef John Folse and Bob Baumhower.
11. One winner will be chosen from the Alabama teams. One winner will be chosen from the Louisiana teams. A trophy will be given
to each of these winners. From these two finalists, one will be named Grand Champion based on a blind tasting. An additional
trophy will be awarded to the Gumbo Bowl Tailgate Cook-Off champion.
12. Travel expenses to the Gumbo Bowl Tailgate Cook-Off are the exclusive responsibility of each contestant.
13. Sign-in begins at 7:30 a.m. on game day to the right of the Walk of Champions in front of Bryant Denny Stadium. Competition
begins promptly at 8 a.m. Judging begins at 11 a.m.
14. Winners will be chosen by judges based on roux technique, overall seafood taste and flavor, consistency of gumbo and final plate
15. All recipes submitted to the Gumbo Bowl Tailgate Cook-Off become the property of the Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission,
including publication rights.
16. Competitors at the Gumbo Bowl Tailgate Cook-Off also hereby release the Alabama Tourism Department, Alabama Seafood
Marketing Commission and Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board, and/or a person or organization appointed by them, to take photography, video or any other mediums of competitors’ recipe, on-site cooking, final plated dish and/or any likeness of them and/or their on-site assistant at the cook-off.


CBS Entertainment Special Will Announce Nominations for the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards® Live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Oct. 25, 2011) — Country artist Jason Aldean and five-time GRAMMY® winner Lady Gaga are the first performers announced for "The GRAMMY® Nominations Concert Live!! — Countdown To Music's Biggest Night®" ( Two-time GRAMMY winner LL COOL J once again is set to host the one-hour special, which takes place live on Wednesday, Nov. 30, at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE. The show, which will announce nominations in several categories as well as feature performances by past GRAMMY winners and/or nominees, will be broadcast in HDTV and 5.1 Surround Sound on the CBS Television Network ( from 10 – 11 p.m. ET/PT. Additional performers and presenters will be announced shortly. For updates and breaking news, please visit The Recording Academy®'s social networks on Twitter and Facebook:,

This concert special marks the fourth time nominations for the annual GRAMMY Awards will be announced live on primetime television. Last year's airing of the nominations special led to increased ratings in all key demos for the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast earlier this year, delivering the show's best ratings in all key measures in more than a decade.

Tickets for "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! — Countdown To Music's Biggest Night" go on sale Oct. 28 at 10 a.m. PT, and are available online at and via Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines at 800.745.3000. For discounts on groups of 10 or more, and for more information on VIP packages, visit or call 877.234.8425.

The road to Music's Biggest Night begins with "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!!" and culminates with the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards, live from STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012, and broadcast on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

"The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! — Countdown To Music's Biggest Night" is produced by AEG Ehrlich Ventures, LLC. Ken Ehrlich is the executive producer. LL COOL J is producer.

Established in 1957, The Recording Academy is an organization of musicians, producers, engineers and recording professionals that is dedicated to improving the cultural condition and quality of life for music and its makers. Internationally known for the GRAMMY Awards — the preeminent peer-recognized award for musical excellence and the most credible brand in music — The Recording Academy is responsible for groundbreaking professional development, cultural enrichment, advocacy, education and human services programs. The Academy continues to focus on its mission of recognizing musical excellence, advocating for the well-being of music makers and ensuring music remains an indelible part of our culture. For more information about The Academy, please visit For breaking news and exclusive content, join the organization's social networks as a Twitter follower at, a Facebook fan at, and a YouTube channel subscriber at

Little Big Town...Has Fun with Moves Like Jagger!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

People's Choice....First Round

People's Choice 2012 nominees:
The first round of nods go to:
Favorite Movie
Captain America: The First Avenger
Cars 2
Fast Five
The Hangover Part II
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
The Help
Kung Fu Panda 2
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Favorite Movie Actor
Brad Pitt
Bradley Cooper
Daniel Craig
Daniel Radcliffe
Hugh Jackman
Jake Gyllenhaal
Johnny Depp
Justin Timberlake
Matt Damon
Robert Pattinson
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Reynolds
Favorite Movie Actress
Anne Hathaway
Cameron Diaz
Emma Stone
Jennifer Aniston
Julia Roberts
Kristen Wiig
Mila Kunis
Penelope Cruz
Rachel McAdams
Reese Witherspoon
Viola Davis
Zoe Saldana
Favorite Movie Icon
Anthony Hopkins
Dennis Quaid
George Clooney
Harrison Ford
Helen Mirren
Julianne Moore
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Spacey
Liam Neeson
Morgan Freeman
Robert DeNiro
Tom Hanks
Favorite Action Movie
Battle: Los Angeles
Captain America: The First Avenger
Cowboys & Aliens
Fast Five
The Green Hornet
The Green Lantern
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Super 8
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
X-Men: First Class
Favorite Action Star
Chris Evans
Chris Hemsworth
Daniel Craig
Dwayne Johnson
Hugh Jackman
Jason Statham
Paul Walker
Ryan Reynolds
Shia LaBeouf
Taylor Lautner
Vin Diesel
Zoe Saldana
Favorite Drama Movie
The Adjustment Bureau
The Debt
Dream House
The Help
The Lincoln Lawyer
Red Riding Hood
Water for Elephants
Favorite Comedy Movie
Bad Teacher
Crazy Stupid Love
Friends With Benefits
The Hangover Part II
Horrible Bosses
Just Go With It
Midnight in Paris
No Strings Attached
The Smurfs
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family
Favorite Comedy Actor
Adam Sandler
Ashton Kutcher
Bradley Cooper
Charlie Day
Jason Bateman
Jason Segel
Jason Sudekis
Kevin James
Martin Lawrence
Owen Wilson
Ryan Reynolds
Steve Carrell
Favorite Comedy Actress
Anna Faris
Cameron Diaz
Emma Stone
Jennifer Aniston
Kate Hudson
Kristen Wiig
Maya Rudolph
Melissa McCarthy
Mila Kunis
Natalie Portman
Rose Byrne
Sarah Jessica Parker
Favorite Movie Star Under 25 presented by Moviefone
Abigail Breslin
Chloe Moretz
Daniel Radcliffe
Elizabeth Olsen
Elle Fanning
Emma Roberts
Emma Stone
Emma Watson
Jaden Smith
Jennifer Lawrence
Joel Courtney
Josh Hutcherson
Julianne Hough
Kristen Stewart
Liam Hemsworth
Lily Collins
Mia Wasikowska
Nicholas Hoult
Saoirse Ronan
Shailene Woodley
Taylor Lautner
Tom Felton
Vanessa Hudgens
Willow Smith
Zac Efron
Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast
30 Minutes or Less
Crazy Stupid Love
Fast Five
The Hangover Part II
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
The Help
Horrible Bosses
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Scream 4
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family
X-Men: First Class
Favorite Animated Movie Voice
Angelina Jolie as Tigress (Kung Fu Panda 2)
Anne Hathaway as Jewel (Rio)
Emily Blunt as Juliet (Gnomeo & Juliet)
Hayden Panetierre as Red Riding Hood (Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil)
Jack Black as Po (Kung Fu Panda 2)
James McAvoy as Gnomeo (Gnomeo & Juliet)
Jesse Eisenburg as Blu (Rio)
Johnny Depp as Rango (Rango)
Katy Perry as Smurfette (The Smurfs)
Michael Caine as Finn McMissle (Cars 2)
Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen (Cars 2)
Russell Brand as E.B. (Hop)
Favorite Movie Superhero
Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
James McAvoy as Professor X
January Jones as Emma Frost
Jay Chou as Kato
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique
Michael Fassbender as Magneto
Nicholas Hoult as Beast
Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet
Favorite Book Adaptation
The Adjustment Bureau
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
The Help
I Am Number Four
The Lincoln Lawyer
Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Soul Surfer
Water For Elephants
Favorite Network TV Drama
Desperate Housewives
The Good Wife
Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy
One Tree Hill
Private Practice
The Vampire Diaries
Favorite TV Drama Actor
Alex O’Loughlin
David Boreanaz
Hugh Laurie
Ian Somerhalder
Joshua Jackson
LL Cool J
Mark Harmon
Nathan Fillion
Patrick Dempsey
Simon Baker
Taye Diggs
Tom Selleck
Favorite TV Drama Actress
Blake Lively
Dana Delany
Ellen Pompeo
Emily Deschanel
Eva Longoria
Julianna Margulies
Kate Walsh
Kathy Bates
Lauren Graham
Marg Helgenberger
Mariska Hargitay
Pauley Perrette
Favorite Cable TV Drama
Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Burn Notice
Game of Thrones
Mad Men
Pretty Little Liars
Sons of Anarchy
True Blood
White Collar
Favorite Network TV Comedy
30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory
Cougar Town
How I Met Your Mother
The Middle
Mike & Molly
Modern Family
The Office
Parks & Recreation
Raising Hope
Two and a Half Men
Favorite TV Comedy Actor
Alec Baldwin
Chris Colfer
Cory Monteith
Ed O’Neill
Jim Parsons
John Krasinski
Jon Cryer
Matthew Morrison
Neil Patrick Harris
Rainn Wilson
Rob Lowe
Ty Burrell
Favorite TV Comedy Actress
Alyson Hannigan
Amy Poehler
Courteney Cox
Jane Lynch
Jenna Fischer
Julie Bowen
Kaley Cuoco
Lea Michele
Martha Plimpton
Melissa McCarthy
Sofia Vergara
Tina Fey
Favorite Cable TV Comedy
The Big C
Bored To Death
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Franklin & Bash
Hot In Cleveland
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Nurse Jackie
Royal Pains
Favorite TV Competition Show
The Amazing Race
American Idol
America’s Got Talent
The Apprentice
The Bachelor/ette
The Biggest Loser
Dancing With The Stars
So You Think You Can Dance
Survivor: Redemption Island
The Voice
Favorite TV Crime Drama
Blue Bloods
Body of Proof
Criminal Minds
Harry’s Law
Hawaii Five-O
Law & Order: SVU
The Mentalist
NCIS: Los Angeles
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show
Being Human
Doctor Who
Falling Skies
Game of Thrones
True Blood
The Vampire Diaries
The Walking Dead
Favorite Daytime TV Host
Al Roker, Anne Curry, Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales, Savannah Guthrie (The Today Show)
Barbara Walters, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, Whoopi Goldberg (The View)
Chris Wragge, Erica Hill, Jeff Glor (The Early Show)
Dr. Mehmet Oz (The Dr. Oz Show)
Dr. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil)
Ellen DeGeneres (The Ellen DeGeneres Show)
George Stephanopoulos, Josh Elliot, Lara Spencer, Sam Champion, Robin Roberts (Good Morning America)
Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne (The Talk)
Kelly Ripa, Regis Philbin (Live with Regis & Kelly)
Nate Berkus (The Nate Berkus Show)
Rachael Ray (Rachael Ray Show)
Anderson Cooper (Anderson)
Favorite Late Night TV Host
Andy Cohen (Watch What Happens)
Carson Daly (Last Call with Carson Daly)
Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately)
Conan O’Brien (Conan)
Craig Ferguson (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson)
David Letterman (Late Show with David Letterman)
Jay Leno (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)
Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Jon Stewart (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
Stephen Colbert (Colbert Report)
Favorite TV Guest Star
Debra Messing (Law & Order: SVU)
Gwyneth Paltrow (Glee)
Jim Carrey (The Office)
John Stamos (Law & Order: SVU)
Justin Bieber (CSI)
Kathy Griffin (Glee)
Katy Perry (How I Met Your Mother)
Kristin Chenoweth (Glee)
Michael J. Fox (The Good Wife)
Tom Hanks (30 Rock)
Will Arnett (30 Rock)
Will Ferrell (The Office)
Favorite TV Celeb/Reality Star
Gene Simmons
Guiliana Rancic
Joan Rivers
Kathy Griffin
Kendra Baskett
Kim Kardashian
Mel B
Paris Hilton
Tia & Tamera Mowry
Toni Braxton
Tori Spelling
Favorite Male Artist
Blake Shelton
Bruno Mars
Cee Lo Green
Chris Brown
Enrique Iglesias
Justin Bieber
Kanye West
Keith Urban
Kenny Chesney
Favorite Female Artist
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Jennifer Lopez
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Miranda Lambert
Nicki Minaj
Taylor Swift
Favorite Song of the Year
The Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga
E.T - Katy Perry featuring Kanye West
Give Me Everything - Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears
Just Can’t Get Enough - Black Eyed Peas
Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera
On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennet & GoonRock
Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
S&M - Rihanna
Superbass - Nicki Minaj
Favorite Album of the Year
21 - Adele
4 - Beyoncé
Born This Way - Lady Gaga
The Carter IV - Lil Wayne
Chief - Eric Church
F.A.M.E - Chris Brown
Femme Fatale - Britney Spears
Hell: The Sequel - Bad Meets Evil
Own The Night - Lady Antebellum
Red River Blue - Blake Shelton
Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
Watch The Throne - Jay-Z/Kanye West
Favorite Pop Artist
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Colbie Caillat
Demi Lovato
Jessie J
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Nicole Scherzinger
Selena Gomez
Favorite Hip Hop Artist
Big Sean
Kanye West
Lil Wayne
Lupe Fiasco
Nicki Minaj
Wiz Khalifa
Favorite R&B Artist
Bruno Mars
Chris Brown
Jennifer Hudson
Jill Scott
Kelly Rowland
Marsha Ambrosius
Mary J. Blige
Trey Songz
Favorite Country Artist
The Band Perry
Blake Shelton
Brad Paisley
Jason Aldean
Keith Urban
Kenny Chesney
Lady Antebellum
Miranda Lambert
Rascal Flatts
Taylor Swift
Zac Brown Band
Favorite Band
Arcade Fire
Beastie Boys
Bon Iver
Florence & the Machine
Foo Fighters
Linkin Park
Maroon 5
Mumford & Sons
One Republic
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Music Video
E.T. - Katy Perry featuring Kanye West
Give Me Everything - Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
Judas - Lady Gaga
Just Can’t Get Enough - Black Eyed Peas
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - Katy Perry
Look At Me Now - Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO featuring Goonrock & Lauren Bennett
Price Tag - Jessie J featuring B.o.B.
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
Run The World (Girls) - Beyoncé
Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
Favorite Tour Headliner
Bon Jovi
Josh Groban
Katy Perry
Keith Urban
Kenny Chesney
Michael Buble
New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys
Rascal Flatts
Taylor Swift
Seven Honorees Earn Stars on Nashville's Music Mile
Nashville, Tenn. - Music City, Inc. today announced the newest inductees into the Music City Walk of Fame, presented by founding sponsor Gibson Guitar: Kix Brooks, Alan Jackson, Manuel, Dr. Bobby Jones, Dottie Rambo, Les Paul and Dan Miller. The honorees will be recognized officially with the unveiling of commemorative sidewalk markers on Sunday, November 6, beginning at 12:00 p.m. in Walk of Fame Park in downtown Nashville. The induction ceremony, which is sponsored by Great American Country (GAC), is free and open to the public.

The induction of this class will bring the total number of stars along the Walk of Fame to 58. The Music City Walk of Fame, located on Nashville's Music Mile, is a landmark tribute to those from all genres of music who have made significant contributions to preserving the musical heritage of Nashville and have contributed to the world through song or other industry collaboration.

Permanent sidewalk medallions with each honoree's name displayed in a star-and-guitar design will be installed in the sidewalk along the Music Mile. The plaques for this class of inductees will be inlaid in Walk of Fame Park on Demonbreun, between 4th and 5th Avenues South.

"Each of these inductees into the Walk of Fame has definitely left their creative mark on Music City in their own unique way," said Butch Spyridon, president and CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau. "It is the creative collaboration shown by these talented individuals that make Nashville, Music City."

The program's newest partner, Durango, sponsors two stars annually and has added a charitable component to the program, celebrating former Inductees to the Walk of Fame. Many of the past inductees have autographed and decorated a pair of Durango boots, which will be auctioned online during December. All proceeds will benefit the Music City Inc. Foundation to sustain and grow the Walk of Fame event. The decorated boots will also be on display to the public during the month of November at the Visitor Information Center located in Bridgestone Arena. Go to for the online auction.

"Our partnership with the Walk of Fame is a natural extension of our existing synergy with country music and Nashville," said Amber Vanwy, Marketing Manager for Durango. "The auction and display allows us to support this wonderful event while also honoring those who have contributed to the music industry in Nashville, and we're thrilled at the opportunity to be involved."

The Music City Walk of Fame is an official project of Music City, Inc., the charitable foundation of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau (NCVB), and is produced with the support of presenting sponsor Gibson Guitar and sponsors GAC, Durango, the City of Nashville and Metro Parks.

Nominations were open to the public and were accepted in the categories of Artist, Musician, Songwriter, and Producer/Music Industry Executive. Application forms were reviewed by the Music City Walk of Fame anonymous selection committee.

Music City Walk of Fame Inductees:
Manuel is best known for creating celebrity personalities through fashion designs. Manuel created Johnny Cash's famous 'Man in Black' ensemble, Elvis' iconic gold lame suit and the signature 'cowboy' look for all three Hank Williams, among many others. Country greats have worn Manuel's designs for years, including Little Jimmy Dickens and Marty Stuart, who is noted to have more than 3,000 pieces of custom Country Cowboy Couture. Manuel has designed clothing for other noted celebrities, including Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr., Marilyn Monroe, the Rat Pack, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger and Bob Dylan.

Today, his shop Manuel's on Broadway serves as both a custom design studio for western couture garments and also an international tourist destination. His award-winning fashion creations have been seen on display at the Metropolitan, the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, the Smithsonian, and locally at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

Dan Miller
Dan Miller is one of the most revered broadcasters in Nashville's history. In the 1980s, Miller hosted his own Sunday evening program, Miller & Company, a magazine-style show featuring conversational interviews with celebrities and elite figures of the day. The program was the first in Nashville's history to bring musical artist into viewer's dens for in-depth and personal conversations. The program featured celebrated musicians such as Minnie Pearl, Tammy Wynette, Dick Clark, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Oprah Winfrey, Willie Nelson and Gene Autry. Miller & Company was featured on WSMV, Channel 4 in Nashville for seven years, and was resurrected later in Miller's career on TNN (The Nashville Network) for three years.

Miller's broadcast career spanned five decades. He began his career at WSMV, Channel 4 in Nashville, first as a weathercaster then 16 years as the primary news anchor. He left the market to work with a Los Angeles station, then joined the late-night talk show "The Pat Sajak Show." Miller returned to Nashville's WSMV-TV's anchor desk in the mid-90s, where he remained until his untimely death in 2009.

Miller earned numerous awards throughout his broadcasting career, including multiple Emmy Awards. He was voted Best News Anchor in local Nashville publications more than 20 times and recognized as the Most Popular News Anchor in the United States in 1986.

Dr. Bobby Jones
Dr. Bobby Jones a multiple award-winning gospel music singer and national television host, most recognized as the host and executive producer for the national cable program, Bobby Jones Gospel, which is broadcast from Nashville.

Bobby Jones Gospel, the first and only nationally televised black gospel show, first aired on the cable channel BET in 1980, and today remains one of the network's most popular shows. The program features performances from all styles of gospel music and interviews with an array of gospel artists. Jones also created Bobby Jones' World, a magazine-style show that blended gospel music with world-renowned authors, entertainers and national leaders. He wrote and performed Make A Joyful Noise, a black gospel opera which aired on PBS in 1980, for which he subsequently won the Gabriel Award and an International Film Festival Award.

Jones and his gospel performance group, New Life, have won Grammy and Dove Awards for their outstanding performances. In 1990, he received the GMA's Commonwealth Award for Outstanding Contribution to Gospel Music. Jones received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Tennessee State University, and a Doctorate of Education from Vanderbilt University. He currently resides in Nashville.

Dottie Rambo
Dottie Rambo, known throughout the industry as the Queen of Gospel Music, is a world renowned singer, songwriter and musician. Throughout her 60+ year career, Rambo wrote over 2,500 songs, both for herself and for some of the music industry's most notable stars. Her legendary songs have been recorded by music icons such as Elvis Presley, Barbara Mandrell, Carol Channing, Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton.

Her own musical career included being a songwriter, soloist and leader of her family trio 'The Singing Rambos,' later known as simply 'The Rambos,', which brought her opportunities to work with Barbara Mandrell and Porter Wagoner among others. Some of her more noted works include "I Go To the Rock," "He Looked Beyond My Fault" and "I Will Glory In The Cross."

She has received multiple Grammy and Dove awards, the ASCAP Lifetime Achievement Award, has been inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, and is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Rambo died in a tragic bus wreck in 2008 as she traveled between tour stops.

Les Paul
Les Paul will forever be synonymous with the electric guitar. At an early age, Paul was interested in experimenting with sound-related inventions. He specifically explored creating a stringed instrument that could make electronic sound without distorting. The result was the creation of the Gibson Les Paul guitar, which went on to become one of the most popular of all electric guitar models, serving as a staple instrument for rock 'n' roll's guitar elite. Rock musicians associated with the Gibson Les Paul include Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Mike Bloomfield, Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page. Paul is also credited with creating many innovative audio techniques including overdubbing, tape delay and multi-track recording, all of which aided in making the rock 'n' roll sound possible.

Paul was also a noted musician, recording two #1 hits with his wife, Mary Ford, in the early 1950s and recording a Grammy-winning album of instrumental duets with Chet Atkins, Chester and Lester in the late 1970s. He won two additional Grammys at the age of 90 for his album American Made/World Played. Up until his death he continued to be one of the primary icons and spokespeople for Nashville-based Gibson Guitar.

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson is one of today's most prolific and award-winning songwriters. The Georgia native has written or co-written 24 of his 35 #1 songs, including "Remember When", "Where I Come From," "Chattahoochee" and "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)". His songs have also proven hits for other artists including Randy Travis and Clay Walker. Jackson has been named Songwriter/Artist of the Year by NSAI and ASCAP numerous times and was inducted into the elite Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in October.

Jackson is one of the most honored country music singer-songwriters in the last 20 years. He is a Grand Ole Opry member and three-time Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year with a total of 16 CMA Awards, 17 ACM Awards and two Grammys to his credit. He has released 19 albums, topped the country charts 35 times and has scored more than 50 Top 10 hits while amassing over $60 million in total record sales. Jackson has called Nashville home for more than 25 years.

Kix Brooks
Kix Brooks has been performing and writing songs since the age of 12. In 1990, he teamed with Ronnie Dunn to create Brooks & Dunn, who became the highest-selling duo in the history of country music, selling more than 30 million records and enjoying 23 #1 hits. They have won more than 80 major industry awards, and currently hold the record for the number of awards won at both the ACM and the CMA Awards. Brooks & Dunn retired from performing as a duo in 2010, but Brooks continues to work in the industry, serving as host of American Country Countdown, an internationally-syndicated radio program.

Brooks is also an active civic leader in Nashville. He has served as both President and Chairman of the Country Music Association. He remains an active member of the CMA and has served as a member of the Nashville Music Council, a select group of professionals appointed by Mayor Karl Dean chosen to bring the city of Nashville and the Music Industry closer together. Brooks is also on the board of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and previously served on the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau. He is the local spokesperson for Monroe Harding Children's Home and is a founding partner of Arrington Vineyards in Arrington, TN.


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