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One Too Many Award Shows…2011 Slipping By…
Jimmy Carter

Fall is a busy time…a good busy! Around Music City most tours are starting to wrap up. The panning well underway for the huge tour traffic that will be in 2012. Everyone is hitting the road in 2012.
Keith urban’s tour was a favorite..Taylor Swift’s was a spectacle and Brad Paisley’s was the most country while still being modern and very high tech. All three have a lot of hit music to pour on their fans. One of the 3 will win the CMA EOY in just a few weeks.
This threes a crowd American Country Award show. Is just too much. The CMA’s then the AMA’s then 2 weeks later that show. On Fox, how do you do a show like that less than a month after ABC’s big budget CMA’s. I guess they have every right to throw the party but timing or something seems way off. 4th quarter sales but snore. And it’s in Vegas where the show can get free stuff. I will watch it but who will show up to sing on it of the A lister’s?
Can’t think of live music without recognizing the sudden death of Charlie Daniels keyboard wiz
Joel “Taz” DiGregorio. Co writers of Deil Went Down to Georgia and other CDB classics. One car accident driving to the band bus…very sad.
Easton Corbin talking about his health on his web site. We wish him back soon to 100%
Blake Shelton at the Georgia National Fair was fun this week. He is still the same old Blake and that’s a good thing. The boy has been around a while and his show has plenty of hits to sing. The encore of Footloose was great. Some of the little kids on the audience wasn;t sure what the song was having never heard it. The little ones sure knew Honey Bee. That was a major sing along and maybe his best received song of the night. Blake’s 2012 promises to be huge but he’s never have a 2011. Opry,Miranda,Honey Bee,The Voice. Wow!
X Factor is a work in progess. I’m watching it sort of. But not emotionally involved. DWTS I watched for Blake this week but what a freak show!
George Strait and Martina promises to be a great show. Just can’t get GS to work more than a few dates…
Taylor Swift in the coming week. Perfume selling on Ellen 10/19 and a huge in-store Glendale 10/18 at Sephora. TS did Macy’s NYC this week. OKC in concert Saturday 10/15..busy girl..already recorded 25 songs for next CD..still a year away!
Footloose is off and running. Wish it well..Julianne Hough getting big attention from this film. Jimmy Fallon among her fans with great reviews.
Toby Keith’s Red Solo Cup is a scream…I watch it once a day on average…find it on You Tube…funny…not sure what Radio does with it. Very high burn factor I would bet but Im not there yet.
Disney putting out a Rascal Flatts LIVE not sure what everyone thinks about that. Joe Nichols fresh from his Red Solo Cup bubble bath has a new cd Nov 8…
Big show’s already booking stars for their festivals next year. Rascal Flatts is a headliner at many. Paisley too. The Bayou Superfest at LSU’s stadium Memorial weekend is set: Carrie,keith,Aldean and Flatts are the 4 big headliners.
And the continuing crazy story getting more and more coverage is the Gibson/rainforest item. Big headlines on BCC Magazine this week: Are Gibson Guitars killing the rainforest? Too deep a river to swim in here but google the topic and read. Talk about federal government over reach! You decide..


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