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Very Sad….How is Change Working Out for You?
Jimmy Carter

My hands and keyboard feel very restrained as this dark week in radio concludes. Change can be very difficult. I am not letting my feelings pour out here so as I don’t have a Hank Jr moment of too much truthfulness.
I can’t say I know anyone who hasn’t lost their job at one time or another. It can come as a shock or come like slow motion when a company simply is sold or goes out of business. Doesn’t really matter. Losing a job hurts. The shock and sadness combined with everyone asking how are you doing?
I’m feel very sad on this rainy Nashville day for those who lost a job and in some cases a career this week.
I’m sad for the families and the lack of alternatives right now in the country due to the economy. Not a time for advice. Just a time to say,been there done that. Comes with the territory. It hurts and it will hurt and you will mourn and then it will get better. Just try not to make the situations worse. NETWORK please. All Access is a Godsend at times like this…
Otherwise Mrs. Lincoln, How was the play?
My long time of nearly 40 years Lionel Richie is coming the the CMA and that should be a true highlight. He is so talented. Nov 9 on ABC .
ABC is doing an excellent job promoting the show. The on air commercials with Brad and Carrie are the best of any award show.
Miranda,Toby,Martina all have new projects out and have loaded up the tv/radio shows this week. DWTS and Martina , Toby on Fox and Huckabee.
Red Solo Cup is about to get the GLEE treatment November 15th. Who knows what happens to that song after that!!
Jimmy Buffett on Hawaii 5-0 in November. TV gets more and more important.
Music is getting the feature treatment on many shows this fall. Country not so much but Music Row needs more awareness in Hollywood
Lonestar,Alabama and The Mavericks are back together for new tours in 2013. How cool is that?
Happy Happy Birthday to the Great Charlie Daniels Number 75!!!!!!Brad Paisley is ripe old age of 39.
Two of country music’s best EVER!


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