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Run Faster.. Run Smarter or Get Run Over!!!!
Jimmy Carter

Changing of the Guard is over used but just in case you didn’t hear..Music Row is witnessing a Changing of the Guard.
Scott Borchetta is pretty much the King of the World. With Big Machine cashing in as a fast growing independent. The other over used axiom: If you can’t beat them BUY them!
Scott B owned the CMA’s this year. The Band Perry and Taylor Swift wins made history in many ways. Blake and Miranda aren’t on Big Machine but it didn’t matter who they were on. They are the George & Tammy of today. Everything old is new again ( the third hackneyed but very appropriate phrase).
Jason Aldean winning the album and vocal collaboration was the correct by the facts winner. For an industry known to be so political, the vote went for the legal by the facts winner in each category. Group,Duo, I’m not sure about video but 90 % accuracy that should hold up to the historians years from now.
Is Country too pop? Probably. But look at the CMA Ratings. It killed X Factor and everything else. In some cases 2 to 1. A great demos too. It was a young show that got a little more conservative as it got later.
The Glen Campbell tribute made me cry. I loved the elegance of it. The Lionel Richie segment was fun. Footloose was equally fun and could have lasted longer.
For a few minutes November 9th, Brad Paisley was the funniest man in America. Carrie is a real Gracie Allen! ( You Tube her)
The Hank Jr moment was surprising and very cool. Not without some controversy too. I got an email. Hank is not universally loved but I personally thought it was great! The Barbies,Little Jimmy their whole act was very funny….I laughed more at them than Leno lately that’s for sure.
The CMA’s had something for everyone…more good than bad. It was a huge production. Aerialists, fire, dancers, multiple sets,orchestra, not sure what they left out!
I didn’t even hear in major sound complaints. That may be a first. ABC earned the ratings with the best network synergy the CMAs have ever seen.
The radio gang bangs were exhausting. Dozens or artists mostly baby acts. The pipeline is very,very full. Never know who to just do them.
This young Warner act Hunter Hayes just needs the right thing,song,show. Special young man.
Last time to ever defend Taylor Swift. If you don’t get it. Who cares. She is Billboard’s Woman of the Year, ACM and CMA Entertainer of the Year, Played nearly 100 sold out arenas and stadiums on 3 continents. Kept her nose clean, made a lifetime of money and still despite any back talk kept Nashville and her adopted home on her lips at every interview. Nashville should be proud of her like her parents are. I know I am. I admire that 21 year old and remain amazed at her accomplishments.
The Rolling Stones per Keith Richards will jam this week and I hope they tour a few stadiums. Tim McGraw and Kenny will tour 25 or so stadiums. I am ready to head to a stadium for some music!
If the business has any sense of survival it will let Vince Gill,Ronnie Dunn,Faith Hill,Ronnie Milsap and all the other upper classmen remain in the game. Too much youth will kill the mix just like too much old.
Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean are 2 of the five Male Vocals CMA for 2012..big question who moves out for the North Pole?
Aldean now set for the Grammy’s…..he;s a lock for one if not more nominations. Taylor should do something at that event too. 5 million sales should equal something with old Grammy.
Sting and Vince Gill’s Crossroads airs 11/24. That should be good.
Still can’t believe Randy Travis has never turned on a laptop or anything else computer. How do you do that in 2011?
Miranda’s grandmother is said to make great cornbread dressing. My mom did too. Didn’t sleep or eat much this weekend. Hard to believe Blake was first artist to take an out of town gig after CMA’s. Edmonton,Alberta,Canada 13 hours after going to bed CMA night…Blake rollllls.


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