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Update on Whitney Duncan's cousin...kidnapping...

Here's what I have from a family member:

blood found outside the home..from kidnap victim....victim's car not used...   was NOT a boyfriend though the brother thought it might be...why he didnt act...   not sure who called had a laid back reaction at first for sure.....police were tight on info.....went over the house for dna,etc after kidnapping...
think he took her out of the area....have no idea right now....  no description of bad guy given YET.
more to come....

another story...basically same info...
the victim is Warner Nashville's Whitney Duncans cousin.....
Courtesy AP

Search on for Tenn. Woman Seen Dragged From Home

Authorities search for Tenn. woman who was last seen being dragged away by camouflage-clad man

Searchers in western Tennessee were looking Thursday for a nursing student who was last seen being dragged from her house by a man wearing camouflage in what authorities described as a home invasion and abduction.
About 50 people had gathered in Parsons to resume the search for Holly Bobo, 20, after about 250 volunteers searched the rural area around her home Wednesday.
Bobo's 25-year-old brother told investigators he saw a man dragging her across the carport at her family home and toward a wooded area, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said. Bobo's brother was inside the house and the reported kidnapping was outside in the rural area of small, modest homes about 100 miles northeast of Memphis, the TBI said. A spokeswoman would not give more details of what the brother told them.
"We would never expect anything like that," Decatur County Sheriff Roy Wyatt said. "And I think that's why it is so devastating to all of us."
Investigators are looking into the possibility that someone may have checked out Bobo's home before the abduction and are asking neighbors to report any unusual people or cars in the area.
Since news of the case spread, neighbors and people in nearby communities have poured out to help search, bring food and support family members who are holding together reasonably well, Decatur County Mayor Michael Smith said.
Authorities used dogs and a helicopter in the search Wednesday.
Bobo is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. She was last seen Wednesday morning wearing a pink shirt and light blue jeans.
Smith said the close-knit community has little crime, so word of this has come as a shock. Parsons has about 2,500 residents.
Bud Grimes, a spokesman for the University of Tennessee at Martin, said Bobo was studying to be a licensed practical nurse through the Tennessee Technology Center. She was taking classes at the university's extension campus in Parsons, but was not a UT-Martin student.Bobo's mother is an elementary school teacher and her father works for a tree service company.
Courtney Jeffreys, 20, went to school with Bobo since preschool and said she loves animals and always had a lot of different kinds of pets growing up.
"She is just a really sweet girl," Jeffreys said.
Family friend David Ivey, whose son went to high school with Bobo, said the young woman has an "angelic voice" and loved to show it off in talent contests at school. She also would sing solos at Corinth Baptist Church where she was a member, he said.
Bobo's pastor, Don Franks, said he has known her all her life and said she is "a fine young Christian girl." He said the community response has been exceptional.
"They're searching, bringing food and holding prayer vigils," Franks said. "The whole community is praying for her safety and well-being."
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