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South of Tuscaloosa hospital..after major Twister....Amazing!

Video that is going viral of the Tuscaloosa, AL tornado. from Clay Hasenfuss. #severe
4/27/11 5:49 PM
@justinweather reports at least 25 dead from Tuscaloosa tornado.
4/27/11 8:21 PM
RT @RES911CUE: RT @BrianWright PLEASE RT ABC 33/40 "Police want people to know that none of the tornado sirens are now working in the Tuscaloosa
4/27/11 8:20 PM
RT @HeyChason: Already seen quite a bit of tweets from Auburn fans joking about the tornado in Tuscaloosa. Not cool at all.
4/27/11 8:20 PM
RT @NeptunesCrewman: At least 32 dead in Tuscaloosa... mayor describes the destruction as 'catastrophic'... #tornado breakout in 9 different states #TWC
4/27/11 8:20 PM
Small child ripped from dad's arms by tornado in Tuscaloosa. Found later walking down a street uninjured.
4/27/11 7:07 PM


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